IGS Priests

Priests (require Doctrine Point)
: Good

These guys are cute, but are only for units planning to do a lot of assaulting! The Righteous Fury rule means that if you take Priests, you're giving up using Heavy Weapons and Plasmaguns in every unit you place them in (which, due to the Advisors rule, will necessarily include your Command Platoon's Command Squad). So basically, this means that you're basically giving up on the idea of sitting back and shooting a lot with your command squads. On the other hand, Priests are great in conjunction with a couple of power-type weapons (particularly power-fists!), because of the Fanatical special ability. And, because they're not Independent Characters, they can't be targeted in close combat. So -- make sure to take the fearsome Eviscerator, but skip the pricey Rosarius because the new close-combat rules mean your Priest will almost never take a hit, even if you want him to!

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