IGS Hardened Veterans

Hardened Veterans
: Excellent

This suddenly became a very good buy in the new Codex -- you still can basically custom-fit your unit-size (as before), but now every unit upgrade option is cheaper. This means your Veterans make a nice little weapons platform, just like a Command Squad only more accurate -- extremely accurate for Guardsmen! They can also assault (just remember to give then close-combat weapons, or shotguns, and frag grenades!), even better than an Armored Fist because of the extra attacks (CCW+pistol option) and the ability to take up to THREE special weapons! Furthermore, the Sergeant can take Powerfists and/or Powerweapons, as well as Meltabombs. This choice is an excellent investment, particularly if you have a clear idea what you're planning to do with the squad.

One danger here is that it's easy to spend too many points on the squad, because there are so many options. Resist the temptation to get everything and the kitchen sink -- just stick to making them good at one thing, or you'll be dropping too many points into one unit. The other big danger is over-estimating how durable this unit is. Remember that for all their skills and upgrades, they're still just T3, 5+ armor save models, and die just as quickly and easily as your average Guardsmen. Don't confuse them with Space Marines!

mattbird agrees, writing: the only way to use Veterans effectively is hiding behind the grunts with 3 plasmas and a LasCannon. Any other use besides that is fluff based, not game based. Shotguns and all that sounds fun, but winning with IG is about math, and you'd get better effectiveness with lascannons and plasmas. Unless you have an armoured company list in mind.

One other disadvantage is that you can't assign Advisors to squads of Veterans. This isn't a huge problem, because as noted, the Sergeant of the Vets squad can be the 'hidden' powerfist, but it does limit the utility of a Veterans team as a punchy 'counter-assault' unit.

Good Doctrine Combos:
Veterans is the obvious choice -- it allows you to field more than just one Hardened Veterans unit, and if you're a fan of this unit, this is a good way to field multiples -- as many as you have free Elites slots.

A good doctrine in combination (note that this will fundamentally affect your entire army list) is Carapace Armour; this gives you 'super-Stormtroopers', identical in most ways to Stormtroopers, but with the Infiltrator ability 'built-in', and a far, far better weapons and doctrines selection! What's more, your regular Guardsmen will now have 4+ armor saves, making them effectively 'novice' Stormtroopers. If you want to field regular Stormtroopers as well, you could then take the Grenadiers doctrine on top of it all -- leaving your Elites slots for Veterans, and taking Stormtroopers (and Carapace Infantry Platoons) for Troops choices. Thanks to ecclektik for the suggestion!

ecclektik adds: These Carapaced Veterans are a staple in my army and seem to be very effective. Basically 3 squads of vets with lascannons and plasma guns, 3 squads of grenadiers with either dual flamers, plasma, or grenade launchers depending on role, and the rest filled out with platoons of carapace wearing infantry. Those 6 squads of guys with BS 4 are an effective firebase. Plus when you consider how well infiltrate goes with 3 plasma guns and a lascannon in the squad...

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