IGS Heavy Weapons Platoon

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Command Squad: Although you are restricted to using 'only' a Junior Officer in an Heavy Weapons Platoon's Command Squad -- which means no company standards or MasterVoxes-- otherwise all options are identical to your Command Platoon's Command Squad. (see the appropriate section for more)

Remember that Command Squads units are very useful as little 'weapons platforms' behind your lines, providing both a modest leadership bonus and extra Heavy Weapons fire; this is a very good use for your Heavy Weapons Platoon's command squad. You can, of course, give the command squad advisors (like a Commissar, for example), but it's probably easiest just to keep the Heavy Weapons teams near other officers (with superior Leadership values), rather than upgrading all your Junior Officers.

One other use for your Heavy Weapons Platoon's Command Squad is far more ruthless: as sacrificial lambs. In many missions, you will have to set up your Heavy Support choices first, and in corners missions it is often important to set up a unit as far forward as possible to 'push back' your opponent's set-up area. Given the option of sacrificing a squad of heavy weapons for this purpose, or sacrificing a command squad with (at most) one heavy weapon, the choice is obvious. Shout 'For the Emperor!' and prepare the paperwork for a posthumous medal for that brave, brave junior officer...!


Support Squads: HW-Platoons can field 1 to 3 Anti-Tank squads, Fire-Support squads, or Mortar squads in any combination. All options, doctrine combos, and other commentary made previously apply here.

Remember that Special Weapons Teams are not available to a HW-Platoon.

As a general rule, it's worth taking some kind of infantry screen for every HW-Platoon you field (like an Infantry Platoon or Conscript Platoon). If you simply field your Heavy Weapons teams in the open, they will become instant targets!

It's also worth noting that the HW-Platoon suffers from a real disadvantage: as a Heavy Support choice, your Platoon will end up in Reserve in a number of missions. If you field any Heavy Support choices, particularly slow-moving ones like the all-infantry HW-Platoon, it's definitely worth investing in one or two Improved Comms vehicle upgrades to speed up their deployment from Reserve.

With HW-Platoons, you can load up on tons of infantry-manned heavy weapons. If you're not a fan of battle tanks (like me), it's quite easy to make a viable Shooter-than-Heck alternative by fielding HW-Platoons instead, and then simply making sure to screen those heavy weapons properly.

The primary reason HW-Platoons don't rate higher is because they require the expenditure of a Doctrine Point. Plus, "all-infantry" armies are somewhat more challenging to utilize than a more typical, balanced Imperial Guard army that includes Leman Russ tanks. However, used right, I believe that they are much more devastating than a mixed infantry/tank army.

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