The whole Kroot army basically has only 4 models that pretty much have the same profile. Your basic Kroot has human stats, (WS3, BS3, T3, I3, W1) but with S4 and just a 6+ save. Their special abilities allow them to infiltrate, to ove and see normally through woods, and give them a +1 to cover saves in woods. As a disadvantage they may not pursue after assault. They usually come in units of 10-20 starting at 8 points a guy. They are equipped with a BS3, S4 gun but have almost no access to heavy or special weapons. The rifle also gives them and extra attack thanks to the pointy stick on the end of it. (Apparently, the Kroot are the only people in the universe who know how to use bayonets, Dark Eldar warriors probably cut themselves when they try and of course Imperial Guard bayonets have been made of foam rubber ever since the Horus Heresy lest they be turned against the Emperor. So it's all logical you see.)

The Shaper is required for almost every squad. He has the same stats except for W3, A3 and access to the armory. They are squad leaders and not independent characters so they cannot be targeted under the new assault rules. With only BS3 I would not give him any gun other than a cheap pistol or maybe a flamer. I would definitely give him a power weapon or an eviscerator to take advantage of the 3 attacks. He usually costs about 30 points plus wargear.

The Kroot Hound is your basic Kroot with I4, A2, no gun and neat little bite attack that inflicts a S4 hit on fleeing enemy. They're usually 6 points, two less than a warrior and make good assault and screening troops. You get the same attacks, and a better initiative for a cheaper price. Since the new assault rules discourage shooting before combat anyway there's not much reason to include them. One thing to keep in mind is that unlike most other dog/wolf/warp beasts in the game the hounds cannot charge 12"; they get their bite instead.

The Krootox looks good for about 20 seconds. They have a S7 gun (imaginatively called the Kroot Gun, not to be confused with the Kroot Rifle) and some nice stats with S6, T5, A3, W3. But they are considered T3 for auto-killing (the toughness of the gunner) and cannot infiltrate. At 50 points they do not look worth it.

So the Kroot offer a lot of units that are mediocre shooters and mediocre assault troops but are great infiltrators (when infiltration is allowed). They are even more fragile than Guardsmen but come in nice big units that can absorb losses. A charitable person might call them versatile, if being better than the worst units in the game counts as versatile. But they're also cheaper than many troops in the game and add skills that many armies lack.

How precisely you use them will depend on what army you play and how you play. They can be used to make up for a weakness in your force or to enhance your strengths. They won't be game winners, but they might make winning a little easier or just let you enjoy your games a bit more. If nothing else, they offer some new units for your army! If you've ever wanted to use flesh eating Zombies or Wood Eldar these rules are for you.

The Numbers
Let's see how they stack up against some people you'll meet on the mean streets of the 41st Millennium. These calculations are for one close combat attack and show the chance of hitting times the chance of wounding times the chance of the target failing the save. I showed the math for the first example. Keep in mind that most of the time the Kroot will have 2 attacks (3 on a charge) so you can effectively double the odds of killing a target.


So we see that many common troops in the game have a better chance of killing them and/or go first. Guardsmen, Gaunts, Guardians and DE Warriors will go down but heavily armored troops will laugh. Elite assault troops will chew through them without breaking a sweat.

Shapers with eviscerators will help even things out a bit. They have a 42% chance of killing anything on this list and 3 attacks to do it with. With a power weapon he's OK but not as good, a 33% of killing T3 and 24% of killing T4.

All this being said the conclusion here is obvious, your Kroot are not there to smash your enemies in assault.

So what are they good for?

Glad you asked...

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