Using Kroot

Kroot units can serve many roles in an army, taking on different roles depending on who your opponent is.

Although they are not great at it, Kroot can still win assaults against certain units. Learn which units those are and don't hesitate to hit them. If you throw your Kroot at any unit willy-nilly you will gain little, but infiltration, field craft and movement enhancements allow you to choose your targets. While the numbers above are a good starting point, they do not tell the whole story. For example: versus a 5 marine squad, 12 charging Kroot + a shaper with an evicerator will kill 4 marines (even after losing 2 Kroot to the Marines' I4 attacks) and then be in a position to consolidate into another squad tying them up for a turn. Without infiltration, assault is hard to pull off for most Kroot units. In that case they should be kept back as either a screen or a count assault unit.

Counter assault is for those armies whose basic trooper is worse in close combat than the Kroot (Guard, Guardian heavy Eldar, Warrior heavy Dark Eldar). In this role the Kroot are actually screened behind your troops and then run forward to push back any assaulting units.

When allowed, infiltration is an area the Kroot excel in. Put them in woods to take advantage of the 4+ cover save and their ability to see through 12" of woods (while most opponents can only see 6"). With luck you can fire at enemy infantry with impunity. They can also move and assault freely through the woods, a useful trick some opponents will forget. Even without forests it makes sense to infiltrate when you can. With the Blood of the Kindred you move d6 closer, making a turn 1 assault a possibility (especially with Fleet of Foot or wings). While a Necron player might shove them aside without a thought, this could be lethal to an Imperial Guard or other shooty force. Not only will they lose troops, but the melee can block their for another turn. But you don't always have to use infiltration to get closer to the enemy. A small unit could just hide in an inaccessible part of the table to claim an objective or quarter. Ambushing Stalker Kindred offer a lot of opportunities as well; I'll cover them later on.

Kroot can also be a useful distraction. Enemy players always seem frightened and offended by the presence of infiltrators near their lines and can be counted on to move against them first, neglecting your army for a turn. This works especially well if you tell your opponent about how the Kroot are your elite assault unit and will be him on turn 1. A cheap disposable Kroot unit like 5 Hunters (61 points) can occupy 1 or more enemy units for a turn or two while the rest of your army does its thing.

Don't forget Kroot firepower either. While the BS3, S4, AP6 24" rifle is nothing to boast of, it's still better than the basic weapons for Guardsmen, Dark Eldar Warriors or Eldar Guardians (when you don't move) for about the same points. Hunter Kindred can add cheap 8 point snipers to any army. None of this will win games but it's something to consider.

For small expensive armies (Chaos, Daemon Hunters, Aspect heavy Eldar) the real use of Kroot is as a cheap screen. So long as the basic Kroot or Hound is cheaper than your cheapest option you should buy a large unit or two and part them in front of your shooting units. You can either go for cheaper Hounds or take Kroot warriors for the added bit of shooting. If you find you are often shot up, Kroot are just what the doctor ordered.

A close cousin is the moving screen. With the new vehicle rules discouraging the use of transports, players are starting to look for ways to deliver their assault squads without being shot up or trapped in an exploding tank. Kroot Hounds are better for this since they are cheaper and have HUGE units, but any Kroot unit will work. Units with Fleet of Foot or wings look good in this role but probably are not worth the added points. Keep these units big and cheap. They'll not only protect your valuable assault units, they'll have a nice bite of their own when they hit.

The speed bump is another version of the screen. When facing an assault army the speed bump squad is deployed in front of your line and advances towards the enemy while the rest of your army hangs back. With luck the assault army will charge them, kill them in the first turn of assault and then be stuck in the open while your entire army fires at them.

Lastly look at some of the special rules. Personally I don't see any other great strategies to be based around deep striking Vulture Kroot or T5 Krootox but you might.

There are of course some cautions. Large Kroot units might end up blocking your own movement or end up in a massive melee blocking your shooting. You might plan a strategy around infiltration but have no use for your Kroot when they can't. Have at least two plans for your Kroot (with infiltration and without), they are not very forgiving and have to be used properly.

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