Kroot in Other Armies

You will need to be careful before including Kroot into your army. The fact that you can use these units in almost any army can create serious game balance issues and friction with other players. If it looks like you only took the Kroot to break free of the restrictions inherent in your army some players will get very annoyed. It also creates real modelling and painting issues since you want your army to look cohesive, not like two armies thrown together at random.

One solution to both problems is to make sure the Kroot look like they belong in your army. You can have the Kroot color scheme match the main army. Maybe it's because the Kroot have adapted protective coloration for the terrain, just like your army's camouflage scheme. Or maybe the employer supplied the Kroot with the leathers they wear as a sort of uniform. You should also try and incorporate bitz from your army into the Kroot models. Some IG canteens, Ork shoulder pads or Eldar thig-a-ma-jigs will tie the two forces together nicely.

Or you can decide not to use Kroot at all and just use these rules to represent something more fitting...

Chaos Space Marines
Your typical Chaos Space Marine or Daemon can out-shoot or out-assault anything the Kroot have. But Chaos' weakness is lack of numbers. Chaos cultists were wisely removed from the codex to prevent the unbalancing combinations they offered. But now thanks to the beloved Kroot they are back! At half the price of most chaos troops Kroot are a great way to bulk up your numbers.

Recommendations: One or two large Carnivore units will help out any Chaos force. They can screen your valuable marines or infiltrate to claim objectives or just put out some extra firepower, giving you twice as many shots for your points. A moving screen of Kroot Hounds can be especially useful since it's a relatively cheap way to tie up the enemy until your hard hitting marines arrive. However, keep in mind that two Kroot can absorb much less damage than one marine can. Unless you face a lot of AP3 weapons, or use expensive cult marines, you might find the Kroot screen is not such a bargain. Also Hunter Kindred are a way to get sniper rifles into a Chaos army.

Modeling and background: You have many options for how to fit the Kroot into your army. Unlike some other armies Chaos has nothing against working with aliens so normal Kroot (possibly with chaos runes painted on or some mutations) make a lot of sense. These rules can also represent human cultists. Catachan, Necromunda Goliath or Chaos Marauder models can all look like S4 chaos cultists. Beastmen or mutants work just as well. The infiltration and field craft skills are completely appropriate for those sneaky little chaos worshipers. You can go farther and tie the cultist models into the theme of your army. Zombies, Ghouls or Skaven look natural in a Nurgle force. Khemri Skeletons or any robed wizard types fit in a Tzeentch army. Witch Elves (or Wych Eldar) look right for Slannesh, as do Empire models with their silks and codpieces. Khorne can get away with anything as long as they have skulls and axes, which basically means any model GW makes. Harpies as Vulture Kroot would fit well in either a Tzeentch or Slannesh force.

Daemon Hunters
Yes, Daemon Hunters can take Kroot. DH are not on the list of prohibited armies and the neither the FAQ nor the two reprints of the list changed that. GW might eventually close this option but I hope they don't. Kroot allies make sense, some Inquisitors use alien mercenaries (including Kroot in the 54mm game) and some even use Daemons, Kroot should be fine. But you never know what might happen. So I wouldn't model up Kroot just for this army, but I would use them if you have them anyway.

The DH are a very strange army, it can be big and full of cheap troops or small and expensive. Generally though Kroot can add to either one.

The DH have almost no infiltrating units, only 0-1 squads of Marine Scouts but they do have some really nice single model infiltrators like Death Cultists and Assassins who need screening. They also have some nice assault units like Grey Knights and GK Terminators who do not have cheap transport and need a moving screen.

Recommendations: Unless you take a lot of Guard, DH armies are small and expensive. Big units of Carnivores or Kroot Hound Packs will greatly aid you in most battles, screening the more expensive troops and adding firepower and assault strength.

Modeling and background: As I said, if anyone in the Imperium can get away with hiring cannibal chickens for fight for him it's an Inquisitor. Give your Kroot some Inquisition symbols and purity seals to show they are authorized and who will argue?

But with all the imagery developed for the Imperium why limit yourself? These rules can be used just as easily for a mob of junior Death Cultists or Assassin Aspirants. They can be combat servitors with special lumberjack programming, savages from a high gravity world or any other superior warriors you can think of.

Other alien races are another logical choice. Hunter Kindred could be mysterious Eldar Rangers or the aforementioned Nocturnal Warriors of the Hrud.

Dark Eldar
With their speed, numbers and infiltration skills Dark Eldar overlap many of the Kroot strengths. The main advantage of taking Kroot would be to add some S4 attacks and sniper rifles.

Recommendations: Other than the all-purpose large Carnivore unit I don't see any thing specific the Kroot can offer the Dark Eldar.

Modeling and background: Dark Eldar are often written as pirates and mercenaries so there is no reason they would not hire the Kroot. Give your Shapers some DE bitz or weapons (though their weapons are generally not the best choices) to tie them together with your army. You can also use Kroot rules to represent captives and slaves, enhanced with combat drugs for extra strength and ferociousness. Zombies mixed with bitz from your least favorite army (may I recommend the Eldar?) will make a memorable and interesting unit. Throw in a suitable DE model as the Shaper and you're good to go. The infiltration and field craft skills do not fit exactly into this background, maybe they can infiltrate because no one pays attention to a bunch of starving slaves?

With their star cannons and Wraith Lords and dirty cheating rules the Eldar deserve no help from me. Go away you whining Space Elfs!

Still there?

Well OK, fine then. But I'm only doing this to show I'm not biased against those pointy-eared bastards. Dunno where people got that idea...

The Guardian Meat Shield (fortuned, concealed Guardians screening more valuable units behind them) is one of the least fluffy but effective tactics in the game. Why is a dying race sending their civilians out to act (literally) as bullet stoppers? The Kroot can fill this role but unfortunately are a less effective screen since they cannot take heavy weapons, a warlock or be fortuned. Kroot rifles offer more ranged fire than Guardians (when you don't move) and can serve as cheap infiltrators and snipers.

Recommendations: The same 1-2 large carnivore units I recommend to everyone else. But you might also want to use Trackers and Knarlocs as Exodites for the novelty and character they bring to an army.

Modeling and background: While the Eldar are master manipulators, they are usually portrayed as too proud to accept help from other races. But maybe they'd hire mercenaries. Sure. What the hell.

A better way of representing them would be as some sort of Ranger-like unit. Hunters and Stalkers would be great alternatives to the normal Ranger rules.

Dinosaur-riding Exodites would not be the most effective units in the world but would be a lot of fun. While I do not recommend the Tracker Kindred, I can't deny they would perfectly fit the description of Exodites. The Great Knarloc is another unit made to order for would-be Exodite players. Other Kroot units could be represented by converted Wood Elfs or Eldar models with camouflage cloaks and other woodsy gear.

Imperial Guard
With 2 S4 attacks and a S4 gun the Kroot is actually better than the typical guardsman for just 2 points more. It's only the lack of special and heavy weapons that make Kroot inferior in shooting.

It's worth noting that that the IG FAQ specifically says you may take Kroot in any IG army including ones that use doctrines. It does not cost a doctrine point to use them.

This is really good since Kroot also have all the advantages of Jungle Fighters and better stats for around the same points. Kroot Hunters can fill in for special weapon teams or ratling snipers, Vulture Kroot can fill in for rough riders (sort of, kind of), and Kroot Hounds can be as good a screen as conscripts.

One caution, if you take Kroot allies you may not include other allies including Inquisition units.

Recommendations: The big advantage here is counter assault. Kroot can stand and shoot and then break out to assault an incoming enemy unit. The IG really does not need screening units but distractions and speed bumps are always welcome. So Carnivores are just as solid as ever, and Vulture Kroot are worth looking at since they are the only jump pack style troops available to the IG.

Modeling and background: While the IG is generally intolerant of aliens, surely somewhere in the million worlds of the Imperium someone is willing to hire alien mercenaries. But some people may get annoyed if you include Priests or Commissars in your force along with Kroot. So either leave those intolerant bigots out, or make a point of assigning an independent Commissar to keep an eye on the godless alien scum.

Kroot could even be part of the army's theme. If you want to do a Rogue Trader, pirate or Imperial Navy themed force, alien mercenaries are a natural addition.

But there are other options too. Many players think the Catachan models look like they should be S4, and their rules formed the basis of most of the Kroot rules. Using these rules for some sort of super jungle fighters (Gland War veterans?) is entirely appropriate, as long as they look significantly different from the rest of your army.

Kroot rules can also be used for some of the old units the IG has lost. The Imperium used to use mutant Beastmen as shock troops and now they can again since beastman models and background are a perfect fit with the Kroot rules. Also in the past the IG had drugged up penal legions in their list. Some Catachans in orange jump suits with green-stuff collars will fill that role for you.

Barbarian humans made from Chaos Marauders look right too. Servitors are another good fit here. In a more Medieval looking army you can add some skilled duelists made from Empire Militia or Dogs of War models. In this case their S4 attacks are due to their monofiliment dicoated swords of course. Throw some substantial looking muskets on their backs and you have a stylish unit that will be the envy of all your friends.

Almost any of the alternate ideas mentioned for the Daemon Hunters also work for the IG.

Lost and the Damned
The L&D already have a lot of cheap screening units that are tougher and cheaper than Kroot. The 9 point Burly mutants even manage to hit as hard as Kroot and have a better save. However the Kroot can help with the L&Ds below average shooting.

Recommendations: For once, the Carnivores should be taken for their (comparatively) mighty BS3, S4 shots. Hunters and Stalkers (as usual) can also be useful. One nasty combination would be infiltrating Traitors partnered with infiltrating Kroot. If you can manage to put both units in the woods with Kroot screening Traitors you will have a pretty safe firebase (until the flamers make it up to you).

Modeling and background: Stock Kroot with chaos icons and mutations are probably the best way to go. The modeling ideas for Chaos Space Marines could work but since the L&D are already filled with odd conversions using Kroot rules with anything but Kroot models could be confusing.

Here again we have an army the Kroot cannot offer much. Ork Boyz are better screeners and better assaulters leaving the Kroot without much to do. Orks are light on infiltrating units though, so consider Kroot in that role.

Recommendations: Their (slightly) more accurate fire, snipers and infiltration skills are their only strengths compared to existing Ork units. If you have a battle plan that can use any of these assets then use them but otherwise there's not too much to be gained from Kroot allies.

Modeling and background: Once again, I don't see much that would work besides ordinary Kroot. Ork models already look more like S4 models than the Kroot ever will, and I don't think there is a variant on Orks you could use that would not look too much like other troop types like Kommandos. Human (or other) slaves might work though.

Tau cannot take Kroot mercenaries, only the inferior Kroot units offered in their codex. But, despite the lack of power weapons, evicserators, fleet of foot and other nice stuff, the Kroot can still play a role.

One serious problem however is that, unlike the other armies named here, the Kroot are probably the best hand-to-hand unit the Tau have. And they're even worse in the Tau army than as mercenaries. Many players are tempted to drop the Kroot entirely and concentrate on having enough guns to stop any assault units from reaching their lines.

Recommendations: Kroot screens are good against armies with a lot of AP4 weapons, while counter assault Kroot can push back some of the weaker assault units in the game. But in this army I think the Kroot will really excel as distractions or speed bumps.

Modeling and background: Many players just drop Kroot into a Tau army with a completely different color scheme and aesthetic resulting in a messy incoherent force. Kroot models should certainly take some Tau weapons and gear to make it look like they belong. Tattoos or banners in the Tau language will help too or you can go the way Casey Willis did and create Kroot Pathfinders or Kroot Fire Warriors.

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