Justin Hunter

Forum Name:
the black prince
The Other Bald Man
"I've never played this army before, what do I have to be afraid of?"
Years in the Hobby:
Seance 2000
Claim To Fame:
Erroneous belief that well painted armies will win more.
My Armies:

Fantasy: Of course I have started collecting an army of Talabecland: including an all-converted unit of Helmstrumburg Halberdiers: watch this space! For a long time I played with an Arabic theme Dogs of War army. Nordic Chaos Raiders still in the painting pit...

40K: Iyanden Craft World, 2 space marine chapters (Custodians and The Krak Legion), and most importantly the Crinan IVth - fledgling imperial guard regiment with an unbroken record of defeats!

BFG: Crinan Defense Fleet: a tin pot collection of Imperial vessels ready to repulse any threat to civilization as we know it.

Warmonger Nemesis:
The Angry Bald Man
Beverage Of Choice:
Black Sheep.
Recent Plcings:
  • Winning War ost 2004: Battle for the South Gate Storm of Chaos campaign
  • 2nd Place Player's Choice Fantasy, 2003 Baltimore GT, Dogs of War
  • 5th Overall and Best Painted Army, Dark Tower RT, Dogs of War
  • 4th Overall and Best Painted Army, Dreamation Warhamer 40K RT, February 2003
  • 3rd Overall and Best Sportsman, Dreamation Warhamer RT, January 2003
Games Workshop 2003 Baltimore GT coverage
Losing at the hands of cheesy unpainted armies...


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