Gary Kwan - Khorne

The Brotherhood of the Pit

by Gary Kwan

Slowly, but surely...
Still no pictures yet and not much progress to boot. But what work I've gotten done is significant, so here goes. First off, my list is finalized and adjusted for the new GT guidelines and I've gotten about a third of my miniatures assembled and ready to paint. The remaining two-thirds are either yet to be opened or in a big bits order from GW Mail Order. I haven't done any playtesting yet but it's too late for me now to change the list much, so I'll have to adapt to or just live with any shortcomings it may have.

Anyway, here's the Brotherhood of the Pit (1,997 points total) and my plans for the minis:

Lord & Heroes
Daemon Prince
Master of Mortals, Soul Hunger, Blade of the Ether, Mark of Khorne, Armor of Khorne

The Wood Elf Orion miniature proved to be too svelte for what I wanted to my Khorne general to look like, so I went back to search for a more beefier model to work with. Luckily I didn't have far too go, as I saw that the armored/muscled Dragon Ogre torsos I would be using for my regular Ogres were exactly what I wanted. My plan is to add one (minus the Ogre head) to daemon prince beasty legs and then top it off with a modified Orion's head and with a few more bits and conversions, I'll have the general I want. I just hope all the bits fit together without too much work.
Core Units
2 units of 10 Chaos Warriors with musicians and standards,
one with halberds, the either with axes and shields

Chaos Warriors ala Matt Birdoff has produced some great looking results. I've added my own touches to his recipe and with a good paint job, these guys won't look half bad at all. I plan to start painting these guys at the end of the month.

2 Chariots with the Mark of Khorne
More modified warriors and spiky barded horses all chained together to lighter and less bulkier chariots.

2 units of Marauders, both with shields, musician, standard
Originally I was going to use Marauders straight out of the box, but they looked more like barbarians out to sack the coliseum than the gladiators meant to fight inside it. So I went to my bits box and found a bunch of leftovers from the Empire Knights sprues. These extra helmets and armored arms added to the Marauder torsos plus a few different hand weapons made these guys look more the part of bloodsport duellists. They or the hounds will be number two on my painting list.

4 units of 5 Chaos Warhounds
Furry quadreped Gaunts look a lot like lions which wasn't my original intention, but a very welcome surprise. They also reminded me of a cover to one of the first role-playing game boxes I ever saw. The name of the game escapes me now but it featured similar lion-like beasts drawing an anti-grav chariot in a space gladiator arena. Does anyone know of the game I'm trying to remember?
Special Units
2 units of 5 Flesh Hounds
I've lumped on some more putty to ten of my Gaunt conversions and then added some horns and spiky collars to differentiate them from the warhounds. Lots of red paint will also help. Number three on my painting list.

3 Chaos Ogres with great weapons
GW featured a Chaos Ogre conversion deal several years ago that drew my eye, but unfortunately they do not offer some of the bits involved as seperate purchases anymore. But what they take away they provide an alternative for. So I've ordered some Dragon Ogre torsos and Blood Bowl Ogre legs and plan to splice the two sets together.

3 Minotaurs with great weapons and the Mark of Khorne
Back ordered from my local retailer, the Compleat Strategist. Maybe I'll add on some more fur with putty and I'll have to find a recipe for mimicking froth at their maws.
3 Marauder marathon runners
Three marauder models will have their legs cut and repositioned into running stances. I think I'll add relay batons or scrolls to the minis to reinforce the runners theme.

My display base, a derelict section of an ancient coliseum, should be moderately easy. All that is involved are five big half-circles of insulation foam of progressively diminishing heights and diameters, four to serve as step seating and the last as a top for the columns and archways springing upward from the rearmost tier. The rest of the base is just flat open ground with a few dead bodies sprewn about to break the monotony. This will be last item to do as all of the project's participants are supposed to coordinate the bases together to form a coherent master display base.

So that's it for now. Hopefully I'll have pictures next month.

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