Jeff Leong - Slaanesh

The Cult of the Snake

by Jeff Leong

Part 3: January 2004
All right then, another month down and a tad closer to the Baltimore GT. I have yet to play a game with this army (although I have played several with a more tooled-up version of this list), and the list keeps changing with every passing day. The initial idea of this whole thing was to put together Chaos armies that simply don't look like Chaos armies. When somebody sees that their opponent for the next round has a Chaos army, they are already worrying about how to take out the various nasties that Chaos players always bring. We want to avoid those nasties � not out of a desire to get any sort of edge, but rather out of a desire to have a bit more fun with it...hmmm..."Compy" Chaos.

Very well. So I started looking at the list again and thinking about what folks hate about facing Chaos. I already dropped out the Knights and a Drake...but the Chariots still linger and I do have the evil S7 guy. they're both out. With the extra points, I added another unit of Mounted Daemonettes and played with the characters a bit. Here it is:

Lord & Heroes
Exalted Champion of Slaanesh
Shield, Rending Sword
Sorceror (Level 2)
Power Familiar
Sorceror (Level 2)
Dispel Scroll
Aspiring Champion of Slaanesh
Battle Standard Bearer, Book of Secrets

Core Units
2 units of 20 Marauders
Full Command & Light Armor, Shields

2 units of 10 Marauders
Musician & Great Weapons

1 unit of 5 Marauder Cavalry
Musician & Throwing Axes

1 unit of 5 Marauder Cavalry
Full Command & Throwing Axes, Flails

2 units of 5 Chaos Warhounds

Special Units
2 unit of 5 Daemonette Riders
1 unit of 6 Furies

Rare Units
1 Giant

Ok, the Characters are all done, except for the BSB's to figure out what I want to do with that one. The Core troops are almost done, with only one great weapon armed Marauder to go. The only other thing left is the second unit of Mounted Daemonettes. Pretty close, eh?

Not that much different that the last version. It's a bit faster with the extra fast cavalry unit, but doesn't quite have the ability to hit as hard without the chariots. The Giant, unfortunately, becomes a bit more central to the operation of the list, but he is a great centerpiece model, so he's in.

I have upped the power to 8 dice and increased to 6 dispel dice, which should work out well.

More Changes?
I don't see any right off the bat, but I would love to figure out a way to add a Beast Herd...just can't see what to drop � any ideas?

Oh well...we'll see how it goes - Until then, see you in Baltimore!

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