Jeff Leong - Slaanesh

The Cult of the Snake

by Jeff Leong
GT Placing: Best Overall Fantasy Player, Baltimore 2004 GT

Part 5: Baltimore GT
Wow...what a ride...

As some of you may know, at last year's Philly GT, a bunch of us decided to do the "Cults of Chaos," a series of Marauder-heavy Chaos armies. The basic idea was to make a bunch of fair, balanced Chaos armies and see how we could do with them.

Anyway... onto the GT.

I had been at a conference all week, so I didn't make it up to Baltimore on Friday night. So early Saturday morning, I packed up the car and zipped on up to Baltimore.

GAME 1: Khorne Chaos (Casey Burke)
Casey's army consisted of a Beastlord in a unit of Khornegor, two units of Khorne Knights (one Chosen), a Khorne Exalted on Juggernaut, a unit of Khorne Minos, a couple of Herds and some Hounds. He deployed along the entire board edge and I was able to use his frenzy against him to ensure some key flank charges, which quickly saw off his units. Good guy, and a fun game. Massacre to the Cult of Slaanesh.

GAME 2: High Elves (David Brennan)
David's army was a very nicely balanced High Elf list - a nice unit of Spears, a unit of Swordmasters, one of Archers, a unit of Silver Helms, an Eagle, two Chariots and a Bolt Thrower. He also had a full character load of Archmage, Mage, BSB, and Mounted Hero. The diagonal deployment really hurt David's army, as his Silver Helms got stuck behind his archers for the first turn or two. I was able to weather his magical barrage pretty well, and even tossed a bit back his way. In the end, my army was faster than his, and a key spell (where he rolled double 1's to dispel) pinned the Swordmasters for the killing strike. Throughout, David was a great opponent and superb sportsman. The Cult of Slaanesh grows again.
MVP: Furies for killing a Chariot and the Bolt Thrower.

GAME 3: Undivided Chaos (Matthew York)
Matthew and I have been working on our armies in parallel for the better part of a year, and they are very similar both in form and function. He opted for another unit of Marauders, another Beast Herd, and more magic versus my Furies and Giant. This was bound to be decided on one or two key points, and I think we both really enjoyed the game. As it turned out, Matthew's Marauder Horsemen tried to kill my Horsemen with their Throwing Axes. They only managed to bring down one of my guys and my ensuing charge broke his unit, which ended up panicking most of his left flank. I had quite a bit over there already, so was able to capitalize on some bad dice on his part. I really like playing Matthew - we are now even against each other at 1-1-1. The Cult of Slaanesh was again victorious.
MVP: Marauder Horsemen for dodging all those nasty Throwing Axes and then using their flails to good result.

End of Day 1:
I was actually quite suprised to be sitting at 3-0, but I sure wasn't going to complain about it. I figured I was going to be up against some tough armies the next day, and I wasn't far wrong.

GAME 4: Strigoi Vampire Counts (Andy Gould)
Andy's army was deceptively strong - Strigoi Count, Strigoi Thrall, 2 Necros, 2 Skeleton Units, 2 Zombie Units, Spirit Hosts, Black Coach, and 6 units of Ghouls. I was a bit worried about all those Ghouls, as it gives his a lot of manueverability and speed and really cuts down on my Fast Cav's ability to run around flanks and disrupt things. I was also a bit worried about the Black Coach, as I had little outside the Exalted Champion that could take it on. Anyway, on to the game. I set up weighted heavily to my right, with a couple fast cav units and a chariot to hold off the left flank. I was finally able to get off Steed of Shadows in Turn 2, and I sent my Exalted w/ Flail rocketing into the Black Coach. I hit 3 times... and only wounded once, but at S7, that was all it would have taken... had he not made his ward save! He didn't cause any wounds back, but my Exalted broke and ran... and was run down. Things were not starting well. Things soon turned around, however, when a combined charge from my Giant and a Chariot did an amazing 18 wounds to the Strigoi Counts unit. The Count managed to kill the Chariot, but he and the remainder of his unit quickly popped, leaving Andy in a very bad position. He fought back very well, but was quite hampered by the loss of his general. He ended up taking down the Giant in the 5th or 6th turn, right at the same time I finally wore down the Black Coach. Andy was a great general and super sportsman. Massacre to the Cult of Slaanesh.
MVP: Giant for taking out the Strigoi Counts unit and then stuffing two Necromancers down his pants.

GAME 5: Skaven (Alan Blessing)
The Skaven book can be used to create some truly heinous monstrosities. Alan, however, put together a very fair and balanced list - 4 Clanrats, 4 Slaves, 2 Ratling Gun, 1 WFT, Rat Swarms, Globadiers, 2 units of Jezzails, 2 units of Tunnel Runners, and a Warp Lightning Cannon. He also had a Warlord and two Engineers. All in all a rather scary proposition... I figured that I had to close with him quickly to ensure that I didn't get shot to pieces too badly. The problem is that there were just so darn many of them... well, that's Skaven for you.

Alan very smartly chose to Scout his Gutter Runners rather than Tunnel them, and was able to keep my Fast Cavalry bottled up most of the game (mainly by killing it!). I basically did a two-pronged attack on his line with the Herd, Giant, Marauder Horse, Furies, and Chariot on one side and the remainder on the other. We were on the Ice Board, so a bit of impassable water separated the two prongs of my attack. In my second turn, I tried charges with both my Hounds and Furies on his two Jezzail units. As it turned out, both units were about 1/2" out ... and failed - not a good start for the home team. The Furies succumbed to the Rat Swarms a turn later and the Hounds were pasted by a unit of Slaves for their trouble. On my 3rd turn, the left side opened up for me. I charged the Giant into a unit of Slaves, who fled, so I redirected into the Clanrats behind them (the General's unit). One Belly Flop later (Mutant Monstrosity), the General's unit was running off the board after losing 10-12 models. They were quickly followed by both the WFT and the Warp Lightning Cannon. The Chariot on that side smacked another slave unit and overran into the Rat Swarms, tying them up for a bit. On my right, I was able to get one Fast Cavalry unit up the middle against his Jezzails, which finally killed them and panicked a nearby Clanrat unit. My BSB was then able to use Steed of Shadows to run them off the table. Alan had some really rotten luck with panic tests, but he played a heck of a game. This was the best game of the tournament for me, and Alan got my Best Opponent vote. A final massacre for the Cult of Slaanesh.
MVP: Giant for Belly Flop on the Warlord's unit - this really turned the game for me, and was critical throughout. A Skaven Horde army really depends on their general, and being able to nail him early was huge. The Giant ended up dying to Ratling Gun fire, but he did his job first!

FINISHED: Well, I managed to max out Battle, and had a heck of a good time doing it. I got to play 5 superb opponents and can't recall a better tournament. I was also thrilled to max out Sportsmanship and Composition, which means my opponents had a good time as well. It was a great tournament and just awesome to come away with the Overall Award.

For those of you that haven't seen it elsewhere, here is my list:

Lord & Heroes
Exalted Champion of Slaanesh
Shield, Flail
Great Bray Shaman of Slaanesh
Chaos Armor, Bray Staff, Spell Familiar, Dispel Scroll
Heavy Armor, Great Weapon
Aspiring Champion of Slaanesh
Battle Standard Bearer, Book of Secrets

Core Units
2 units of 20 Marauders
Full Command & Light Armor, Shields

1 unit of 5 Marauder Cavalry
Musician & Throwing Axes

2 units of 5 Marauder Cavalry
Full Command & Throwing Axes, Flails

2 units of 5 Chaos Warhounds

Special Units
2 Tuskgor Chariots

1 unit of 6 Furies

Beastmen Herd

8 Gor, 8 Ungor, Full Command

Rare Units
1 Giant
Mutant Monstrosity

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