Todd Wiatt - Nurgle

The Carnival of Chaos

by Todd Wiatt

The idea behind doing a mass linked theme came up at the Philly GT this past summer. I'm not sure whose idea it was but I'll blame Matt Birdoff for the time being (that is unless I win an award for my army then it would be MY idea). Very quickly we got the ball rolling with Jeff Leong and Matt York jumping on board. This also means Matt York will not be playing Skaven at Baltimore this year so that is an added bonus for us all. Maybe somebody else can win the overall award now LOL.

For my army I choose, no surprise here, Nurgle. I have always been a fan of Nurgle and I keep my copy of The Lost and the Damned next my painting station for inspiration. My Chaos Warrior army of Nurgle came right out of the pages and stories in that old book. I really like bringing fluff into my work and this project will be no exception. So how do I pull off a Marauder Cult? At first I thought of doing a gang who hide out in sewers of an Empire city. Then I starting look through my copy of The Lost and the Damned and saw a story called 'The Dance of Death'. It was about Nurgle armies being carnivals and being a party like atmosphere before corrupting a village or town. The carnival would be accompanied by those who worship Nurgle and the local down trodden, diseased, and crippled. Just as I'm forming this idea up GW releases the "Carnival of Chaos" Mordheim gang. Nice!

I was swept away with the models and the color scheme. A Nurgle army that isn't green and brown like my CW army. This would be a challenge to paint and model. Certainly the project would be different than my Warrior army. For my basic Marauder models I decided to use old Necromunda Cawdor minis. I picked them because they have a medieval feel to them and the models all have covered faces. I would think people in a Chaos cult that is as public as a carnival would want to hide their identity. I liked opposing yellow and red for the colors. Very bright, and if done 'dirty', very Nurglish.

Now the dirty little details: AKA what is in the army? This has been a choir for me. I knew going I wanted to cast some spells. I have been playing magic defense armies for a long time and I felt a change was in order. Also, we decided as a group to use the weaker troops in the chaos army. Easy enough for me since I think on the whole CWs cost too many points. So I'm leaning towards a core unit of cultist(Marauders), some cavalry, a plague cart, a Spawn or two, and some Plaguebearers. I also want to use a unit of Norse Marauders because they are frenzied. These will represent diseased flagellants who follow the carnival around (diseased flagellants where a unit in the 3rd ed. Nurgle army). Here is the rough army list so far based on 2150 points:

Lord & Heroes
Sorcerer of Nurgle
Level 4 Sorceror; Daemon Sword, riding a chariot of Nurgle
Level 2 Sorceror (he will be a spy from Matt's Tzeentch army)
Exalted Champion of Nurgle
Book of Secrets, great weapon

Core Units
25 Marauders w/ full command, light armor, shields
24 Diseased Flagellants � full command, flails
6 Marauder Horsemen w/ flails
6 Marauder Horsemen w/ flails
Plague Cart (chariot w/ Mark of Nurgle)

Special Units
14 Plaguebearers
2 Nurgling Swarms
4 Chaos Ogres w/ Banner, Champ, Great Weapons

Rare Units
Chaos Spawn

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