Todd Wiatt - Nurgle

The Carnival of Chaos

by Todd Wiatt
GT Placing: Tied for 23rd out of 160 Fantasy players, Baltimore 2004 GT

I got to the GT hall Friday eve and scoped out the armies. Many looked hard. I decided to drop the light armor on my 2 main marauder units for the Book of Secrets on my general to help versus all the super magic armies I saw. I played a pick up versus Brian Hess and did very well. We called the game on turn 4. Wow... My marauders did that to an Empire army? Still I was not sure about how I'd do overall. I figure 3-2, maybe 4-1 with the right match-ups. Getting majors might be hard, especially since I had not practiced them at all. Soon I found myself at Edgar's with Tony Mullins, Allen Blessing, Matt York, Brian Hess, Jordan Braun, Kalpesh Doshi, and a few others! We played a couple games of Munchkin and drank some beers. Good fun.

Lord & Heroes
Exalted Champion of Nurgle
barded steed, great weapon, Book of Secrets, Enchanted Shield
Dark Emissary
Beastman Shaman (Level 2)
Bray Staff, Gore Tooth, Dispel Scroll

Core Units
2 units of 20 Marauders
Standard bearer, musician, light armor, shields
1 unit of 16 Marauders
Musician, flails

2 Chariots of Nurgle

6 Marauder Cavalry

Musician, flails, shields

Special Units
2 Nurgling bases

8 Furies

Beast Herd
7 gors, 7 ungors, full command.

Rare Units
Mutant Spawn

Game 1: Matt with Dark Elves
He had a Level 4 and a Level 2 mage; 9 power dice, a Battle Standard Bearer with Murder Banner, some Corsairs, 2 Dark Riders units, 2 Repeater Bolt Throwers, 2 chariots, a block of Executioners, and a small unit of Warriors. Everything was going good off the bat, Matt moved and I kindly reminded him that he left his mages outside of units and I had the Fog of Death. Matt said I know... OK... So move, cast and pull all his scrolls, and then Fog of death! I did 1 Wound to all his units and only 1 on his level 4 despite 6 hits!!! The level 2 lived through 4 hits. My army got rocked...I killed 4 Furies, 2 marauder cav, and marauders here and there... Not a good cast! Matt moved a bit and got Dominion on my General making him not move so I could not charge chariots. I charged his RBT with Furies and some Dark Riders with my cav...then I cast Nightmare on his second unit of riders moving around my army...they fled off the table. Great...then Fog again...I did nothing to his army. And I NUKED mine. I killed all my Furies, another cav which cost me the HtH, more marauders, wounded my 0+ save general!!! My herd flanked his Corsairs and beat them rather well. Matt need snakes eyes to hold. He failed but the BsB reroll gave him snake eyes. Now my herd would be charged by the chariot they would have overrun into... ouch. Disaster... For his trouble my general got a bolt thrower shot to the head...then the giant got one after he spent 4 turns of HtH trying to thump an I5 DE chariot with a club. Bad... 2 Black Horrors on my marauders later and it was over! A loss...

Game 2: Dan Burr with Dwarves
Dan had 3 heroes (one was a BsB) and Runesmith with 2 dispels. His army was made up of 3 big clan units and 2 small ones, 2 bolt throwers, a cannon, 10 Slayers, and a unit of crossbows. I started the game off moving aggressively towards his left with my cav, giant, and hero. I cast Nightmare on his BsB units in his center and he failed his test and fled! Nice because it caused a panic check on his cannon which failed! This caused him to stall his advance a bit. Then my Furies killed a bolt thrower and my giant, and hero charged a unit on the extreme flank. He box-carred his terror test and off the table he went (angle deployment so even dwarves were gone!). OUCH... I proceeded to pick his army apart unit by unit. Dan was cool about his bad luck and did not complain or quit a mark of a great sport! I failed to kill the right messenger thanks to a ward save or two on the last turn! A win... But no major.

Game 3: Matt Griffen with Dark Elves
Matt had a lord in a chariot with the power fist, a couple of Level 2 mages, 2 RBTs, a hydra, chariot, 2 units of Dark Riders, 10 Witch Elves, 6 Shades, a small Corsair unit, and a small Cold One Knight unit. We played on an Ice table with two impassable pools in the middle. I pushed towards the right gap across from the chariots, knights and hydra. I figured I run up and get beat then counter charge with chariots, hero, giant, and herd. The plan did not work. The hounds took a charge from the hydra and won...WTF! Thus messing up my counter charge plan a bit. I parked the giant behind the hounds who just had to break. The herd chased off the Dark Riders on that flank and the shaman used Steed of Shadow to make sure they would not rally. The hydra ate the hounds and pursued into the giant. The giant smacked the hydra with his club killing it. On my left the Furies kill a RBT and a Level 1 mage. My cav beat the Shades in hth but the shades held so the Witch Elves flanked my guys... nuff said! A marauder unit charged the COKs and won but they held. Matt's general failed his third Stupidity test and could not counter charge. I threw a chariot into the HtH and it was over! My magic was horrible. I failed a 7+/7+/5+ cast in a row (the first 2 with +1)and then miscast on another 7+...rolled 6/6 so at least the spell worked and fried the Shades but the Dark Emissary was done! Ouch. I made a mistake and charge his general with mine and a chariot. In the challenge I was killed. My herd killed a chariot, and then the second Dark Rider unit. I ended up winning just barely!!!

Saturday night I played Kalpesh Doshi for the North South battle cuz Matt Birdoff was a scared little girl. I got a Steed of Shadows off early and hit a RBTer but a crewman lived. I killed him on Kal's turn and charged his Beast Master on a Pegasus nearby. I got off Bear's Anger... nuff said. I got some key flank charges in and some chariot charges which broke Kal's line on my right. Kal called it. He looked like he needed sleep! Several of us went to the pub to talk smack and drink.

Game 4: Mauricio Zuniga with Nurgle Daemons
Great Unclean One, hero with Chalice and great weapon, 28 Plague Bearers, 2 units of 4 Minotaurs with great weapons, 5 Nurgling bases, and 7 Furies. I saw his army and thought wow if I can smash a unit or two and run I got this easy... Wrong. I will sum this battle (which had some very good move phases by Mauricio and myself) up with what happened to cause my loss...Nurgle hates me. Yes... He cast 5 Pestilence spells in the game with 5 dice each and never rolled a 1. I rolled snake eyes each time to dispel on his turn and MY OWN! My general dies on turn I am Ld7 vs. a fear causing army... I got killed. I almost made it close but 2 charges on turn 6 landed by 1/2 inch and I was done! Ouch.

Game 5
My opponent(sorry I forgot your name) was a uber nice guy and allowed me to switch opponents with the GW staff permission. My new opponent... none other than Logan Rook and his sissy Empire army. Logan is great and one of my favorite GTers. We both figured with 2 losses we were done so why not play a game? He had 3 heroes with halberds, a Hellblaster, 2 big units of swordsmen with Free Company, a block of halberds, some handgunners, some crossbows, a cannon, 2 units of Archers, a small knight unit, and some Ogres. Well I can sum up this game with this stat: Logan failed 16 panic tests on Ld9. 16. It started with a nightmare on his Hellblaster and his dice kept on going! Logan's luck was complete butt. The worst ever. The best part was my shaman who took full advantage of Logan only having 2 dispel dice! The Shaman killed an archer unit, the BsB, crossbows, got beat by a unit he overran into only to have the cannon misfire and explode trying to grape shot him, and then he charged back into a unit helping to kill them all. Brilliant! Logan did get revenge as he routed my general on turn 6 costing me the major win. What a bastard! Logan rules!!!! I dedicate that game to Mike and Ray lol.

So the GT was done. Jeff won overall which impressed the hell out of me! All the cult armies looked awesome. I am glad I worked on the project with the Warmongers. A standup group! GW did a good job as well. I finished like 41st but it felt like first with all the fun I had! Can't wait till next time guys!!!

BTW, Logan I own you now!

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