Matthew York - Chaos Undivided

The Cult of the Rat (Chaos Undivided)

by Matthew York

As Skaven has pretty much been the only army I've run for some 10 years and with the last two years using the new Skaven book, I've come away with two Baltimore GT overalls. The question after that is what to do next. After playing Matt Birdoff at the Philly GT, he mentions his idea of the Cult of Change to bring a totally underpowered, foot-slogging chaos army. He also mention about putting all of our displays together to make one massive display similar to his previous GT ventures. This idea appealed to me because of all of the cries of "Cheese" in the Skaven list and people saying that I needed to do a new army since I've done Skaven to death. It would be also be a nice change to do something that no other Chaos player had ever done before... Put more models on the board than your opponent! Yep that's right...a 200 model Chaos list! Only a crazed mind that put over 300 Rats on the board could come up with such a crazy notion! Could it be done... Well, only time will tell if I can actually paint up that many models before Baltimore GT 2004...

Ok so on to the army. Since the aspects of Chaos were all going to be represented, my choice initially was to do Khorne since I had run them once before. However, since someone else had chosen them I decided to do an Undivided list. The army was going to use as many "Foot-Sloggers" as possible and no "Elite" units. This meant that my best solution for putting 200 models on the board would be to use Marauders and Beastmen in as many units as I could fit into 2150 (assuming the point values don't change for 2004 GT season). My initial ideas were to use some of the excessive rat parts that I have and combine them with Marauders and Beastmen to have sort of a Hybrid. However, this would take a lot of time to do the conversion right and I only have 8 Months to work on it! So I decided to stick with the basic Marauder and Beastmen models and do conversion work if time would allow.

Here is a first cut at the list I'm looking at fielding:

Lord & Heroes
Exalted Sorcerer
Level 4, Spell Familiar
Level 2, Dispel Scroll

Exalted Champion
Flail, Book of Secrets
Aspiring Champion
Battle Standard Bearer

Command group would cover several areas. Provide a formidable magic phase and magic defense. As of late Magic has been getting pretty crazy with 10+ dice, so the way to defend against that is to ramp up the dispel dice. This group would provide 9 power dice and 6 dispel dice & one dispel scroll. A strong, but not OTT magic phase IMO. Also since the army is foot-sloggers a BSB would be very important to make it so what durable into HTH. And the Exalted Champion would provide some needed hitting power to the army.

Core Units
4 units of 20 Marauders with Full Command & Shields
4 units of 20 Marauders with Full Command & Flails
3 units of 10 Beastmen (5 Gor & 5 Ungor)
4 units of 5 Chaos Hounds

This is what I would term as a "Total Crap Horde", something similar to what I'm used to running in my Skaven army. The idea behind using it would be similar to the way that I ran Skaven when they were under RH. Back then the most I could field was one slave unit so I was severely limited on the number of troops. This should play similar, but with a major Leadership problem. I have yet to figure out how to overcome this without using the special character CROM. Right now the problem is buying all the models and actually putting it together. I figure I will do some more modifications to the list after I play test it a few times.

The Next Steps
I'll need a lot of play testing with these guys, so getting some version of the army together ASAP is a priority. Currently I'm using my Skaven and some borrowed Beastmen to proxy the army. So far, the army works as expected, like total crap and runs away at the drop of a hat. It has yet to win a game, but it is fun to play none-the less. With more practice I should be able to eek out a win with it and make a respectable showing.

Currently I've purchased and assembled a number of units and they are primed black waiting their turn on the painting table.

See you next month.

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