Matthew York - Chaos Undivided

The Cult of the Rat (Chaos Undivided)

by Matthew York

Part 2: Progress
This project so far has been fun as ideas and variations of how to put the army together keep flowing through my mind. No matter how hard I try, I keep getting pulled back to the Great Horned One as the latest changes involve adding some Skaven elements to the list in the form of converted Skaven/Beastmen conversions. The problem is finding the time to actually put it together. Painting on the "Horde" is going slowly. I've finished up two units so far with good results. They are actually taking a little longer than I would like to get them painted. Having twin boys that are two years old will do that to you as my only time I can paint is after they go to bed. Unfortunately I don't have any new pictures at this time, but I will make an effort to get them for the next installment!


The nice advantage I've had with playing Skaven for so many years is that I know fairly accurately what to expect from the rats when on the battlefield. I can pretty much predict the outcome of a combat well in advance of it actually happening and set up accordingly. With Marauders, I'm not as confident and have found my predictions wrong in several instances. This just means that I need more practice with them. Leadership as predicted has been the biggest problem with the army. A maximum leadership of 8 and a Ld of 7 throughout most of the army is a huge difference from the Ld of 10 I could get with the rank bonus leadership of the rats!

As the rumored point totals have changed for the 2004 GT Season from 2150 back to the 2000 the list has to be updated. Surprisingly I've actually increased in number from my initial army with the decrease in points. Also playtesting has shown a complete lack of speed for the list (save the Hounds) so I've done some adjustments there as well.

Here is a second cut at the list I'm looking at fielding:

Lord & Heroes
Exalted Champion
Flail, Shield, Book of Secrets
Great Bray Shaman
Level 4, Staff of Darkoth
Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Spell Familiar
The command group took a hit by losing the BSB to save on points. During playtesting, he was the least useful for the play style I'm using, so he's out. With my additions of more Rat/Beastmen, swapping the Exalted Sorcerer to the Great Bray Shaman,(Skaven/Chaos Wizard Conversion) not only saves me some points, but also is too good to pass up. The Staff of Darkoth will give me a movement spell for my beast units, which will add an element of surprise to the list! The others in the command group are working very nicely as expected.

Core Units
3 units of 20 Marauders with Full Command & Shields
3 units of 20 Marauders with Full Command & Flails
2 units of 20 Beastmen Beastmen (Ratmen conversions, 10 Gors & 10 Ungors)
1 unit of 18 Beastmen Beastmen (Ratmen conversions, 9 Gors & 9 Ungors)
3 units of 5 Chaos Hounds
1 unit of 6 Chaos Hounds

I've dropped the number of Marauder units from 4 of each (Shield, Light Armor& Flails) to 3 units of them in order to bump up the Beastmen/Ratmen conversions units to 20. I initially was thinking of adding Mounted Marauders to provide a little more speed and hitting power that is somewhat lacking in the army, but the opportunity to add some "Rat" flavor to the list was too alluring! The numbers are just over of 200 models at 202, so my goal has been reached. I'm sure that I'm not done tweaking the list yet as it will probably undergo many more iterations before I have the final product!

The Next Steps
Paint...Paint...Paint!! I still have way too many unpainted models in the army. More playtesting is also needed to tweak my tactics so back to the battlefield...when I'm not painting at the painting table!

See you next month.

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