Matthew York - Chaos Undivided

The Cult of the Rat (Chaos Undivided)

by Matthew York

Part 3: Paint..Paint..Paint
Well as the Christmas season passes, very little painting was accomplished over the fast and furious holiday. As the reality of the completing the horde sets in, I calculate that I will be hard pressed to complete the 120 marauders and 40 beastmen. So I've have set up a "painting" schedule to get it completed in time. Hopefully I can hold to it.


Ok, so far in my playtesting I'm 0-10-3 with the different variations on the list. I've been trying to work in some of my rat tactics to the marauder horde with limited success. A few of the playtest games I've had it has come down to the final turn with the favor falling to the other side. Currently I've been using my "Rat" tactics for this army with moderate success. The problem is that I don't have as many "Throw away" units I had when running the rats. So I'm looking at making some modifications to the way I set up the army and how I run the list! As I see it I'm also going to have to harden up the list to make it competitive. A few suggestions I've gotten are of adding a Spawn or some Beastmen chariots or adding a Giant or some marauder fast Cav. I'm not too keen on the Giant right now (but that may change), but I do like the idea of adding the Beastmen Chariots and modeling them as Marauder chariots. It should fit nice without pushing the list over the top.

Here is a second cut at the list I'm looking at fielding:

Lord & Heroes
Exalted Champion
Rending Sword, Enchanted Shield
Aspiring Champion
Flail, Book of Secrets
Great Bray Shaman
Level 4, Gore Tooth, Chaos Armor, Bray Staff
Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Spell Familiar
The command group has been modified slightly. The Great Bray Shaman lost his Staff of Darkoth and picked up the Gore Tooth. The Call's Wild spell is great, but only works on Beastmen and Warhounds. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of either, so I dropped the Staff and replaced it with a plain staff and the Gore Tooth giving me Bear's Anger which will make him very effective in HtH. I swapped out the BOS with a Rending Sword as d3 wounds would be very handy on my general and gave him the Enchanted Shield to give him a 2+ Save in HtH. I did pick up an Aspiring Champion and gave him the BOS and a flail to handle all those nasty Chariot armies that have been posted lately. Keeping the 6th Dispel Dice was also very key in handling the magic phase.

Core Units
4 units of 20 Marauders with Full Command & Shields
3 units of 5 Marauder Fast Cavalry with Full Command & Flails & Throwing Axes

Special Units
2 units of 10 Beastmen (5 Gors & 5 Ungors)
2 Beastmen Chariots

I've dropped the Chaos Warhounds as they were a source of many panic checks that I could do without before I even got to my first turn. They also were not performing very well on the battlefield, so out they go! The small units of beastmen should be sufficient to handle the first volley of shooting/magic without getting wiped out and causing panic checks. My Marauder Cavalry will most likely be the next logical target so initial deployment will be key!

The Next Steps
Paint...Playtest...Paint...Playtest!! I still have way too many unpainted models in the army. More playtesting is also needed to tweak my tactics so back to the battlefield...when I'm not painting at the painting table!!

See you next month.

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