Matthew York - Chaos Undivided

The Cult of MALAL (Chaos Undivided)

by Matthew York

Part 4: Final Preparations
With a week to Baltimore GT I have the last group of 20 Marauders to finish painting and flocking their bases and make my display. My wife always comments that I wait too long before starting my display and usually it is within a week of the GT! Ah but such is life.

After doing some research into the gods of Chaos I've come across Malal, a Chaos god that was considered a renegade and cast out of the realm of Chaos. This is a much better theme for my army and would finally break the ties to the Great Horned One that I've been clinging on to! I'm sure many folks are glad for that!

Final Playtesting Results

Since I've added in the second Beastmen unit the games have gotten much closer and I've actually won a few. The final record with this army is 7-21-6. Not exactly a winning record, but I've learned a lot on deployment setup and maneuvering tactics with a low leadership army. Terror causers give me the biggest problem as does Undead. These armies will provide a huge challenge for my list. Setting up my opponent into a favorable combat for me is essential if I'm going to pull any resemblance of a winning record at the GT.

Here is the final list I will be fielding:

Lord & Heroes
Exalted Champion
Book of Secrets, Enchanted Shield, great weapon
great weapon, heavy armor
Great Bray Shaman
Level 4, Chaos Armor, Staff of Darkoth
Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Spell Familiar
The ever changing army list! Some modifications to the list have come about as I just don't have time to finish painting the fourth group of marauders, so I've dropped them in favor of bumping up the size of my Beastmen units. The Beastmen have proven very valuable with a 360 degree charge range of 10". Adding the Wargor gives some very nice added punch the Beastmen. I've been running the Great Bray Shaman with the Staff of Darkoth again to maneuver and give the Beastmen an advantage in combats. My general has dropped his Rending Blade and picked up the Book of Secrets to keep the sixth dispel dice. I've kept the Enchanted Shield on him to give a good chance of surviving any magic/shooting after he Steed of Shadows himself into the enemy's lines. A great weapon is also on him for chariot duty! Yes, I know you can't use them both at the same time. My level 2 has been working very nicely as a Fire mage providing the needed "reach out and touch you" element that my army lacks. Fireball is such a great spell for small annoying units!

Core Units
3 units of 20 Marauders with Full Command & Shields
3 units of 5 Marauder Fast Cavalry with Full Command & Flails & Throwing Axes
2 units of 10 Warhounds

Special Units
2 units of 16 Beastmen (8 Gors & 8 Ungors) with Full Command
2 Beastmen Chariots

The Dogs are back in a large group of 10. I knew that I would have them back in the list; I just need to figure out a better configuration for them. In units of 10 they actually can survive a round of shooting/magic and not cause the rest of my army to run off the board from a panic check!

Display...Oh yea we have to make a display.
Now to finish making the display for the army. Ahh procrastination...remember if it is not due tomorrow, it is just not due, so you have plenty of time!! Yea, right! Anyway, I've laid out several plans for the display but have yet to start putting one of those plans into action. I've thought of ideas of from a dock for the city to a town center to a park for the city. But ultimately I think it will be a cathedral of some sort to match what most of the others in the Cult are doing. The Cave that I made for my rats was put together in one day so, I'm not overly worried...I hope!

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