Matthew York - Chaos Undivided

The Cult of MALAL (Chaos Undivided)

by Matthew York
GT Placing: Tied for 12th place out of 160 Fantasy players

Part 5: Baltimore GT

LOL! Well as funny as that sounds I'm pretty sure that there is more truth behind it than people know! I'm almost certain that if I had brought the rats it would have been a three peat, but I must admit, that being apart of the Cults of Chaos has given me a nice break away from my rats and let me get out of my rut. (Even if it was a nice winning rut!)

My hat (cheese head) goes off to Matt Birdoff for putting together a great group and coming up with the Town Crier that he published and distributed at the GT! Outstanding! Also a HUGE Congrats to Jeff Leong for sweeping all of his opponents (including me) and walking away with the top prize!

I finally finish up my display the night before the GT as well as finish putting the final touches on the army, which turned out much nicer than I expected. Despite what the Town Crier says my final play test record was 8-37-6 with most of the wins coming after adding the second beast heard to the list. Have that extra flexibility (360 10" charge) in the army allowed me to get out of some sticky situations and turn the tide in my favor. My initial prediction on my tournament was 2-2-1 or exactly 50% as my confidence in the list was still not as high as I had hoped! My final list was:

Lord & Heroes
Chezeck Kricknar {Exalted Champion}
Book of Secrets, Enchanted Shield, great weapon
The Warlord Chezeck has been banished from the ways of the Great Horned One. His disgrace in eyes of his God has force him on a new path one that few follow...the path of MALAL the forgotten Chaos God.

Kroymith (Great Bray Shaman)
Level 4, Chaos Armor, Staff of Darkoth
Once a powerful Grey Seer, Kroymith's appetite for Warpstone has consumed him and mutated him into a Beast of the Woods. Having also been forsaken by The Great Horned One he now joins with Chezeck on a path of Revenge!

Haqadesh (Chaos Sorcerer)
Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Spell Familiar
A once follower of the Goddess of Pleasure, Haqadesh now seek purification from the many sins he committed while in her grasp and revenge upon the followers of the ways of Slaanesh for their impure ways!

Korvastus (Wargor)
Great weapon, heavy armor
Korvastus has been taken in by Kroymith after being left for dead upon the battlefield by Khorne, his former God. He now seeks out his former allies to exact revenge upon them!

Core Units
Priests of Malal
3 units of 20 Marauders with Full Command & Shields

Servants of Malal, Cultists of Malal
2 units of 20 Marauders with Full Command & Flails

Pale Moon Riders of Malal, Malal�s Thundering Hooves, Silent Sting of Malal
3 units of 5 Marauder Fast Cavalry with Full Command & Flails & Throwing Axes

Claws of Malal, Fangs of Malal
2 units of 10 Warhounds

Special Units
Sentinels of Malal, Shepherds of Malal
2 units of 16 Beastmen (8 Gors & 8 Ungors) with Full Command

Wrath of Malal, Malal's Vengeance
2 Beastmen Chariots

You can also download a copy of my army list here. Enough of the preliminary stuff, on to the GT!

Round #1: Chaos Waste Table � Janner Holiday � Chaos (Nurgle)
Janner is a great friend that I've had the opportunity to play a few times. The last was in Toronto where I pulled out a squeaker of a victory. This time Janner was out to avenge his loss. We played pretty much a tight chess game with Janner getting a surprise charge on my Sorceror with his Furies who overwhelmed him and ran him down. Then it was my turn and I was able to get off Calls Wild on a unit of Beastmen with the Wargor to flank charge his Chosen Knights, and beat them up pretty badly and then ran them down. My three marauder horsemen units danced around his big unit of marauders using their throwing axes to take them down to a man. On the other flank I had a very nice setup on his Nurgle warriors with a unit of marauders that could charge the flank of the unit and a Tuskagor chariot to charge the front. Unfortunately the marauders decided that the warriors were too scary for them to charge and so I was hoping that the chariot would also fail its fear check...of course it passed and in it went...solo... The dice must have looked favorably on the chariot for being so brave as I did 5 impact wounds, 2 from the tuskers and 2 more from driver and bestigor with Janner not saving a single one. Amazing...truly amazing! The warriors break and the chariot followed into the dogs behind them. That pretty much spelled the end of the game. Overall a great game by a great opponent!

Major Victory for Malal
Wrath of Malal (tuskagor chariot) for going in solo on the warriors and running them down!

Round #2: Chaos Waste Table � Corey Reynolds � Lizardmen
I've only had one game against Lizards with the new army so I was not too sure how they would do. Corey had his general on a Carnosaur, which I was fortunate enough to face before and knew that it caused terror and was bad news in Hth, so I was going to have to avoid it at all costs! He also had several units of Skinks, some with blowguns and some with javelins, which spelled bad things for my dogs and marauder horsemen. I let the marauder horsemen deal with the messengers with their throwing axes and tried working a refused flank to keep away from his Carnosaur. Doing this allowed me to get one of my marauder horsemen to sneak around the Carnosaur and charge one of his packs of Salamanders, which broke from combat and allowed me to pursue into the other pack. This also forced a panic check on his Carnosaur, which he failed and off the table he went...WHEW...dodged a big bullet on that one! My beast herds did a good job on handling the Terradons and on a few of the Skink packs to allow me to squeak out a victory. This gave me a major victory, as the messengers were part of the MV conditions. Again an excellent game!

Major Victor for Malal
Pale Moon Riders of Malal (Marauder Horse) for taking out the Salamander packs and panicking off his General.

Round #3: Chaos Waste Table � Jeff Leong � Chaos (Slaanesh)
Jeff and I have been collaborating on our army lists for the better part of 9 months and have run every possible army configuration by each other in order to come up with lists that fit into the theme of the Cults of Chaos and yet not be over the top. As a result our lists are very similar with only minor differences between them. So it will come down to who gets the drop and can take the initiative. Jeff won the dice roll for who goes first but gave me the first turn, (which I thought would have given me the initiative to set up turn two charges.) Jeff did a great job swinging his marauder horsemen around my flank to set up his second turn charge to roll my flanks. Luckily I was able to move my marauder horsemen to intervene and with a chance to move them in the magic phase and them having throwing axes, I was sure that I could eliminate this threat to my flanks. Of course the dice went south for me and I rolled a miscast to let them charge and then missed all of my throwing axes save one, which wasn't enough to force a panic check. Next turn he proceeded to charge his horsemen into mine, destroyed them and started to roll down my flanks with panic checks and the like! Needless to say...GAME OVER! Well Done Jeff! I guess it was payback for me as Jeff was on the losing end of our last game at Philly GT. We are now 1-1-1 against each other!

Loss for Malal

Round #4: Desert � George O�Connell � Chaos (Tzeentch)
As most of you know George is known as General of Chaos on the boards and is very outspoken on the boards, boasting etc. However in real life George is one of the nicest guys, down to earth and a lot of fun to play against! George ran a fast and elusive Tzeentch list with a Chaos lord on a Dragon all kitted out. This spelled bad news for me as I had no real way of taking down the dragon. George played it beautifully and marched right up and parked the dragon in front of my army forcing 4 terror checks on start of my turn and three panic checks from shooting and magic in his turn. Luckily my general's unit and a key beast heard stayed around long enough to give me a shot at taking down the general. I declared a flank charge on the dragon with the beast heard and I was able to cast Bear's Anger on the Beastmen champion beefing him up enough to be able to dent the dragon or the chaos lord in a challenge. I chose to go after the lord instead of the dragon (mistake) as it turns out he had the Armor of Damnation forcing me to reroll the 4 hits I had on him. Of course it worked in his favor and I rolled only one on the second go round and he saved it. Of course in the challenge he proceeded to slaughter my poor beast champion and win combat by one. I made my break test and remembered to attack the dragon next time! The Beastmen hung on as my Great Bray Shaman sacrificed himself to the dragon and lord allowing me to only lose by two this time. Again the unit made their panic check! On my turn two my general decided to get into the action and declared a flank charge. Again in the challenge I attacked the dragon but only did 2 wounds, but that was enough to win combat by 1 after my general was slaughtered. This time it was his turn to make a break test...and he did! His turn two he flank charged my general's unit and panicked them off. Well I had two real shots at taking him down but to no avail! Well Played George!! Thanks for a very challenging game; maybe next time I will get you!

Loss for Malal

Round #5: Ice Table � Leigh Potter � Chaos (Slaanesh, Nurgle, Khorne Daemons)
Leigh had a small elite daemon list with a mixture of daemons except for Tzeentch. My biggest advantage was outnumbering him and having more magic than him. Leigh set up a strong left flank and middle and then proceeded to roll down my right flank with his Spawn and Daemonette cav. His Chaos hounds set up nicely to allow him a counter charge with his Nurgle daemons if I charged the hounds. I refused to take the bait and let the hounds sit between our main forces for a few turns. His daemonette cav charged a unit of my marauder horsemen and I elected to flee them knowing that they would be run down behind my line, but being able to prevent panic checks to my battle line as panic from being run down away from my units is better then the marauder horsemen breaking from combat and forcing three panic checks to the surrounding units. This also set up the daemonette cav to be rear-charged by the Beastmen on my turn. Around the 4th or 5th turn I made the charge against the hounds that were stalemating the center of the board with my general's unit, broke them and then followed up into the nurgle daemons. Next round I was able to beat them and off to the warp they went!

Major Victor for Malal
Marauder horsemen for sacrificing themselves to set up a rear charge on his daemonette cav.

Overall, a Great GT as I finished up 3-2, better than I predicted and got to face off against 5 fantastic opponents. Again a BIG congrats to Jeff for the sweep and a Big congrats to Matt Bird and the gang for putting together a well planned ploy to get me to give up my rats for this GT!

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