Chaos Thunderhawk: Jan 2003

Black Crusade Chaos Thunderhawk

Final Update: Baltimore Grand Tournament 2003

So after two months of intense building, I finished the construction of the Thunderhawk one week before the GT and handed it over to Matt Birdoff to paint. What you see above is his awesome paint job to what would be one of the centerpieces of the Warmonger Club Black Crusade GT display.

And while it comes close to the actual Forgeworld Thunderhawk, there are some noticeable differences and mistakes I made. Despite that, I'm really pleased at the final model and very relieved that it's finished.

So what's next for me? Lots of sleep of course, but Jim, our club's President-for-Life, jokingly asked me while we were dismantling the 18-foot Crusade display why Matt got a Thunderhawk and he didn't get anything. My off-handed reply was, "Who do you think is getting the Reaver?"

And come to think about it, that's almost exactly how Matt roped me into building the Thunderhawk in the first place... Doh!

Coming soon: "Part 1-How to Build Your Own Thunderhawk"

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