Alpha Legion


Why did you choose this chapter?
I wanted lots of cultists, so I chose the Word Bearers (this was back when everyone knew that cultists were getting scrapped, but rumors were that the Word Bearers would still have them). Then we saw the rules for the Word Bearers, and Gary wanted them, so I traded with him, and ended up with the Alpha Legion. "Oh well", I thought, "I'll just do some nasty balanced mechanized/shooty Marine army and shred people". Then the new Chaos Codex was previewed, and I learned that Alpha Legion would have cultists. And all was well in the world again :)

What's your plan?
My plan was to max out on my cultists, and lead with a big winged demon, using an Inquisitor model. At first, this meant a list with 120 cultists, but I realized eventually that this would be excessive -- it would cost a lot of cash, plus would take a lot of time to paint, plus would not be doing all too terribly much anyway. Cultists, after all, really are only just cannon fodder. So I took advantage of their ability to bring Icons and summon demons, and included some demons in my list. The Obliterators were just because I wanted them (they're so cool now), and the Bikes because I have a nifty conversion planned, based on a Dark Angels bike conversion a friend of mine put together for the Golden Demons a year or two ago. The Predator because I have a cunning plan, and plus I have an old-style predator that I'm willing to convert.

The rest of it was just extras. I added the Chosen because GW announced 1850 points, as opposed to 1700 the year before. That was fine, it just meant that I would actually have a few marines in my army, and that all my Cultists would now be fearless. Hehe. And the Baltimore special rules meant that I had to add some *more* points, so I went with a Dreadnought and Defiler. I'm still not sure about that, but I figure I can always change my mind later if I need to.

How far have you gotten thus far?
I put together some 'test' cultists, using a combination of the new Chaos Marauders and some Catachan and other miscellaneous bits. The models look very nice, so I figure the cultists are good to go. The other conversions I haven't started on yet, but I have most of the pieces. As usual, I'm going to end up doing the bulk of the painting in the last month or two, but given as how I'm not too concerned about the quality on the mass of the models (all those cultists), it shouldn't be a problem. My biggest hang-up right now is figuring out a color scheme for the demons, so they tie into the rest of the army.

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