Alpha Legion

Update: January 2003
As of January, I've put together everything but the Demon Prince -- I've mocked him out, but ran into a problem with the bits I ordered from GW Mail Order. I was going to use the Gaurach Chaos Dragon wings (they're not only cheaper than the plastic wings for some reason, but also look noticably different, and imho cooler), but I only got one. Apparently the other one is on back-order. Oh well, I hope it gets here on time.

The cultists were a colossal pain to put together. It took me three days to cut and clean all the pieces for 64 cultists (I had put together 16 already), and then most of another day to glue them all together. Fortunately, my roommates work late, so I didn't have to annoy them too terribly with the smell of glue and the muffled curses as my fingers (inevitably) got suck together. Matt was kind enough to take a picture of them, which I include below:

Notice that the Marauder bodies actually work pretty well. To differentiate between the different units, I've put heads with four different styles of hairstyle on them, one type for each unit. It's an old trick that barbarian armies used to do, back before armies wore uniforms or carried shields with all the same insignia. Only three different types are on display above: Catachan heads (bottom row, two left), horned helmets (top row left & right), and topknot (bottom row, very right). I also have a couple leaders with fancy helmets and "demon swords" (power weapons) -- they're in the middle of each row, wearing cloaks and everything. Each squad also has an icon bearer (not shown), basically just a guy holding a standard from the Marauder set, instead of an axe or mace or something similar.

The Marines were a fair bit easier to put together, and because I truly despise the over-done Chaos backpacks, I decided to use loyalist-style designs on each of them. I even went so far as to remove all the more obvious "Chaos" symbols from all my Marines! After all, the Alpha Legion is all sneaky and stuff -- why announce your presence?

This turned into a bit of a wild flurry as I then went through and removed every symbol of Khorne from my bloodletters -- a bit more of a task as they are actually metal instead of plastic, and most of them have at least three symbols of Khorne molded into them! I must be absolutely insane.

The bikes (aka monowheels) I converted in a single evening, based on a conversion for loyalist bikes that I had from Danny R. (local Dark Angels player and master modeller). The Chaos variants actually come out looking a little cooler, what with their slightly modified detailing. They certainly look a whole lot better than a regular Chaos bike! Just to make sure, I check them for size behind a Cultist, and am happy to find out that yes, they are still a good deal less than 2x the height of a Cultist. Bikers are always thrilled when the human shields have to suck up enemy firepower intended for them...

The Daemonettes and the Defiler are giving me the most problems. The frikkin' arms of those Daemonettes keep coming off. I might have to go with a 2-part epoxy or something. And I still have no idea how I'm going to convert a Defiler...argh!

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