Alpha Legion

Update: February 2003
After managing to get nothing at all painted in January, I belatedly began painting in February. Mid-February, to be exact. If I pull this off, I'll have painted my entire army in the span of about a month. I must be absolutely insane.

The Cultists are coming along nicely, but everything is taking far too long to paint. Of course, I haven't helped matters any by having so many models in the list! However, I do have some pieces of good news, as follows:

I played my Alpha Legion army in the Warmonger Rogue Trader Tournament, and they performed far better than I expected! All those fearless damn cultists make for a really sturdy, long-lasting army, and I even have a fair bit of firepower to back them up. And that Demon Prince is a bear-and-a-half in close combat! Statistically, he has the ability to cut through an average of 4 marine-type opponents every assault phase, and backed up by Bloodletters, Daemonettes, and cultists...good googa-mooga!

The Demon Prince is now fully assembled. I ended up using the wings from the old zombie dragon (amazing the cr@p I have in my bits collection), after going through my collection and digging up every set of reptilian wings I owned. As an added bonus, they look tattered and a little frayed -- as if they had been shot a few times by enemy fire. In the end, I used only 3 heads from the Hydra set, and most of the body is from Artemis, the Inquisitor marine character (inspired in part by fellow Warmonger Jeremy's conversion, tho in his case for use as a Dreadnought). He's noticably bigger than anything else in my army, with the exception of the Predator and Defiler, and some Warmongers have been arguing that I should accordingly give him Demonic Stature. I'm leery of this for a variety of reasons, however -- he wouldn't be able to use the lightning claws I gave him, he couldn't infiltrate, and he'd end up a huge target -- so the Prince is going to remain just a very, very big independent character.

I have a Defiler! In the middle of February I attended the Assault of Terra megabattle up at Toywiz, in Nanuet, NY. One of the Chaos players there had converted a crablike Zoid for use as his Defiler, and after one look I was completely hooked. Toywiz carries a large selection of Zoid models, and not only are they a nostalgic part of my past, but they also look nifty, and would save me all kinds of bother converting something that would only look half as good! After a little assembly and two small conversions, the Defiler is now ready to paint. Unfortunately, it may end up being one of the last things to be painted....and I might end up having to add a few more bits to it because the longer I look at it the more bare and devoid of "40K"-style detail it is....

I gave up on 2-part epoxy for the Daemonettes' arms. Instead, really small drillbits and some thin wire will have to do. Who designed these things? They look great, but fall apart if you even look at them funny. Although that seems oddly appropriate...

The Bikes look even better after I threw a bunch of various bits (including a lot of Kroot Carnivore bits!) on them. Here's hoping they retain their Coolness Factor after I slap a coat of paint on them!

As of the last day of February, I'm just about 50% finished with painting my army. This last week will be the final push, and complicated by the fact that I need to finish painting my display base as well!

The Display Base is fully assembled, complete with cobblestone paths, trees, pillars, and even scale-model Park Benches from the Red Caboose (*the* model railroad shop in New York City). I hope that I can get it finished up in one afternoon of work, and then devote the rest of my time to my army.

I haven't gotten my Tournament packet from GW yet. What's going on?

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