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Final Update: Baltimore Grand Tournament 2003

Well, after a series of long, long nights, here's what it came to:

  • I finished everything but the detail on my vehicles before the drive down.
  • And I finished the detail on those vehicles around midnight or so Friday evening.
  • I painted everything in just over 2 weeks. Actually, that's somewhat deceptive a time-frame, because after I went back and calculated, I spent over 200 man-hours working on my army, and at least 75% of that time went into painting. That's over 10 hours a day, average, the last two weeks, of painting. I don't know if I'll want to ever do that again, but at least I managed to get some decent amount of sleep the night before the GT!\

I'm afraid that there aren't a whole lot of pictures available (those Alpha Legion cultists are pretty durn sneaky!), but here are two that Jim managed to snap before they scuttled off to indoctrinate a few Loyal Imperial Citizens.

The full 2150 points. Absolutely no detail at all, a total shame, but a lovely park, complete with trees, hedgerows, and the like. The base was only about 8 man-hours of work, in total -- spread over several lunch hours the last two weeks before the GT.

"The Embodiment of the Imperium Everlasting" A Demon Prince with Hydra heads, how appropriate. And a total monster in close combat!

Link here for my army list (in Word format). As an added bonus, every single unit in my army has a grandiose appellation! As Duncan noted -- it's about the most hypocritical schlock you'll ever read in your life. Faith in the Emperor!

Link here for a pamphlet about the Primus Cult of the Alpha Being! (in Word Format) To my surprise, this turned out to be a very popular item, particularly after printed onto bright blue paper and distributed liberally. For the curious -- yes, I used to be involved with quite a number of Xian cults. CoC, CCC, and CoG included. Ah....don't ask.

I'll have more details about my games in a few days, complete with pictures of opponents and the like, but for now, here's a quick summary for the curious: I desperately needed more practice, and it showed! My first two games were a close defeat and a crushing defeat, respectively, but after getting a strong feel for how the army "played", the next four were crushing victories in my favor. I finished with a respectable +4-2 record, and #27 overall (out of 162) among the Warhammer 40K players. Out of the Warmonger crew, I finished 6th overall, behind Matt "Abaddon Junior" Birdoff, Nidal "Zounds! Redux" Nasr, Chris "My Other Army is Blood Angels" Bacolo, Jim "Angry Bald Man" Keleher, and Jin "How'd I win an award?" Lee. Since I will gladly admit that they not only had equal or better records than I did, but that they had nicer-looking armies than I did, I have no complaints there.

In all, this was an extremely satisfying GT. My overall goal was to do better than I did last year, particularly as regards Sportsmanship, and I succeeded in that regard -- my Sportsmanship score was one of the best in the tournament, and two people picked me for "Best Sportsman" (out of the six opponents they played). Although my win record wasn't as good as last year, therefore, my overall placement was much, much higher...and I think my opponents had much more fun.

Click here for my coverage of the 2002 Baltimore GT.

Click here for more on how I broke down the GT scoring system.

The big question -- will I bring the Alpha Legion to Philadelphia? Since I'm not entirely sure yet if I can afford to go, the answer is a very tentative No. I want to try using The Swarm at a Grand Tournament, particularly because I'm not really much of a Chaos player. Despite having a fair amount of fun with the Alpha Legion, and all those cultists, I like having a real swarm army on the field. Plus, at least I won't feel as if I got ripped off for my painting score again...!

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