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More Shots of the Alpha Legion

Because my netskillz are not l33t, this is the best I can come up with on (relatively) short notice *grin*. Below are a compiled set of pictures of various units in my Baltimore 2003 GT Alpha Legion army. Much thanks to Jarrett Messing for taking the digital photos!

The full 2150 points. Absolutely no detail at all, a total shame, but a lovely park, complete with trees, hedgerows, and the like. The base was only about 8 man-hours of work, in total -- spread over several lunch hours the last two weeks before the GT.

HQ Demon Prince

"The Embodiment of the Imperium Everlasting", leaping forward to attack!

Close-up of three heads and "lightning claws" from the front.

A view from behind. The wings are fairly flat to the body, and the backpack fits quite snugly on top.

Close-up of the chapter symbol and converted right arm.

Elites Obliterators

"Gun-face" the obliterator, in an action pose. Who needs a face when you can instead have another gun?

Overhead view of all three obliterators in my army. All kinds of random bits from my bits box went to these fellows!

Not Shown Chosen, Cultists -- you can pictures of both in the Crusade Codex.

For a shot of my Cultists as a work-in-progress, check out my January '03 progress report.

Not Shown (because you already know what they look like): Bloodletters, Daemonettes.

Fast Attack 'Monowheel' Bikers

Action shot of two bikers (of three). The one on the left has a plasmagun.

Shot of a monowheel. These were converted with plastic jump-packs, classic Rhino exhausts, a plastic flamer fuel tank, and some careful cutting of the front wheel. Additional detail was added with pieces from the Space Marine and Kroot accessories

Heavy Support Possessed Predator

A classic Predator Destructor, with fairly minimal conversions. The hardest part was carving out the plastic gun tip from the Chaos vehicle sprue to fit over the barrel of the autocannon.

Heavy Support Defiler

A massive crab-like walker looms out of the darkness!

Overhead shot of my custom Defiler. The base model (before the addition of various plastic bits) is a Zoid "Killer Dome".

Heavy Support Assault Dreadnought

Front view of Dreadnought. The arms are taken from Old One Eye, while the rest of the body is simply the original pewter Chaos Dreadnought. Appropriately enough, he has a Mutated Hull.

Rear shot of the Dreadnought. All kinds of gnarled piping and exposed bone back there!

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