Black Legion

Black Legion update: January 7, 2003
So, with time definitely NOT on my side, I'm still making good progress on the army. I've recently finished the Chosen and a Rhino, but most importantly, I've started to get excited about it, which had been a major roadblock. There's nothing worse than having to force yourself to paint when you're not interested.

The reasoning for using the 6 Terminator Chosen unit was to soak up points with few models. Unfortunately, each Chosen took over THREE HOURS to paint, with all the non-metallic detail I had to paint on. I could have easily painted 3 times the number of standard marines. But, having said that, the Chosen look the best of what's been done so far. I think the spikes on the trophy rack really look very convincing, and set the viewer's mind on everything gray really being metal.

I'm also really liking the living icon Black Legion eyeball banners - I think that the army as a whole with its 5 eyeball banners and 2-3 other eyes will be the 'hook' that gets it noticed.

I had some serious difficulty with the non-metallics on the Rhino, unfortunately. The Chaos trim ended up being very difficult to pull off convincingly. When I went back to check how Bobby Wong did his Rhino, I realized that he didn't even try for non-metallics on it! The only direction to move is forward, however, so I'll just stick this one in the back of the display base and try to get better on the other three.

I've finished modeling most of the army now, bar the two centerpieces - Abbadon as a Daemon Prince and the Defiler. Hopefully I'll have some more bits painted for an update next week. My 'final' army list is something like this:

Lord with lots of mean daemonic wargear (Abbadon as Daemon Prince). I'm picking Daemonic gear close to what the 'human' version had- daemonic armour instead of terminator armour, etc.

6 Chosen Terminators*: 2 autocannon, Tank Hunter veteran skill, 2 powerfists, combiflamer,
6 Possessed with Daemonic Talons in Rhino,
2 Obliterators

5 Bloodletters,
5 Daemonettes*,
5 Horrors (2 flamer upgrades),
5 Plague Bearers,
8 Furious Assault Marines in a Rhino*: 2 meltaguns, champion with a powerfist,
8 Furious Assault Marines in a Rhino: 2 flamers, champion with a powerfist

Fast Attack:
5 Furies

8 Havocs in a Rhino: 1 flamer, 1 meltagun, champion with power weapon

(* denotes finished)

Black Legion update: January 22, 2003
6 weeks to go, and things are looking up. I've turned myself into a human painting machine, putting in 3 or more sessions a week, much to the chagrin of my girlfriend, who's been left on the couch watching crap sitcoms and reality shows. But, on the plus side of things, I've finished off the Obliterators:

the Rhino for the Possessed:

and another full unit of assault marines:

I've nailed down the non metallics in both method and speed, and have made progress as a result. Instead of using 5 watered down shades of gray or yellow, in most areas I now use just 3. On the bigger areas, 5 is still needed to get any kind of believable effect, but for trim and details, speed is the thing now.

The 2nd Rhino came out much better than the first, although I'm having a problem with Forge World resins, which seem to have an uneven textured finish. This wouldn't matter for any other type of painting, but you need a very flat finish to pull off non metallics, and the rhino 'extra armour' is suffering as a result.

I'm also having more fun with the poses and 'tentacles' in the 2nd assault squad. Making things a little less 'standard'. I now just have 1 more unit of marines to go, so the end of the road is closer!

So those all turned out well, but I'm a bit dissapointed with the bloodletters:

While I do like the color scheme (the gray flesh) because it looks different, and ties into the army theme, I did rush these quite a bit while watching playoff football games, and the execution isn't to the same standard as the rest of the Legion. On the game table they look very good, but not so when viewed up close. There is no direction but forward, however, so this is another unit I will put toward the back of the display base.

So, here's where I'm at:

Abbadon as Daemon Prince- I'm having a bit of trouble sorting this one out, which is bad because not only is it the centerpiece of my army, but the entire crusade as well! For now I'm just ignoring it...

*6 Chosen Terminators w/ 2 autocannon, tank hunter, 2 powerfists, combiflamer
6 possessed w/ talons in *rhino
*2 obliterators

*5 Bloodletters
*5 Daemonettes
5 Horrors (2 flamer upgrades)
*5 plague bearers
*8 furious assault marines w/ 2 meltaguns, champ w/ powerfist in a rhino
8 furious assault marines w/ 2 flamers, champ w/ powerfist in a rhino
Fast Attack:
5 Furies

*8 Havocs in *Rhino: 1 flamer, 1 meltagun, champion with power weapon

(* denotes finished)

I will likely only do 1 more update, once I've painted the defiler, as with 1 month to go, I need to focus on finishing things, as opposed to taking piccies. For now, here's 1 parting shot, the Defiler in progress:

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