Iron Warriors

Iron Warriors Update 1/27/03

You know I am getting stressed out about finishing in time when I start having dreams about frantically painting while my first opponent sets up his army during the GT. Despite my nightmares, I am making progress and know in the back of my mind I am going to finish. Might not be sleeping much the first week of March, but I WILL make it!

It's been more than a month since my last update (bad Jim!) so here's what the bald man has been up to. All my infantry is assembled and roughly half are totally finished while the other half are getting there. 28 bitter and twisted ironclad maniacs in all. I may be painting as many as 12 more marines depending on which list I field, but those will come later...if at all. Here's a close-up of a squad. Squad markings will come later since they are dependent on which list I choose.


While I have been painting some, my main focus for the past month has been conversion work. I feel once I have the tricky conversion bits done I might be able to relax a bit. Originally I planned on only doing minor conversion work on my obliterators, head swaps and whatnot, but I got carried away as usual. With 8 obliterators in my list (MWHAHAAAHAAA!!!) I wanted each one to be unique. I have finished converting all 8. Here's 4 of them. The other 4 are already primed black so did not photograph well. I was going for a giant, mutated terminator look.

But wait, that's not all (I guess I have been a busy boy haven't I?). I also began the conversion work on both my Warsmith/Demon Prince and my defiler. First, the defiler. My original plan was to use the body of a Leman Russ, but that looked much too large and clunky, while a Dreadnought body was a bit too small. In the end, I took a trip to Kay-Bee Toys and wandered the aisles for a bit. I found a $4 plastic robot whose torso looked about right for what I had in mind. The robot was quickly hacked to pieces on my painting desk, a liberal coating of GW bits and tada! He's not quite finished as I will eventually add that fleshy stuff between armored joints like on the obliterators using putty.

I have saved my favorite for last, the horror that is my Warsmith. The idea behind his conversion drove the whole theme for the army. Basically this is THE dude who created the techno-virus which spawned obliterators and defilers. The latter under commission for Abbadon himself. From the word go I had this image in my mind of a giant mechanical scorpion lord with a servo arm for a tail.

First I worked out the tail bit. An ork grabber arm from one of their trukks seemed the best option. I "plated" it with ork 'ard boy shoulder pads to give it that scorpion look.

Next I worked out the body. I opted for an obliterator torso for the upper body and a demolisher cannon for the lower half. The head is that of a Chaos termie champion. I like the long horns because they were reminiscent of pincers and very "buggy".

Drilling holes for the legs (killer kan arms) was a bitch. Pinning the model to a wood block made the whole thing easier to work with. It allowed me to put the model down without knocking off one of the legs before the putty dried.

Attaching the tail was the next tricky bit, but I came up with a clever solution that some of you might be able to use. Since putty does not dry fast enough to attach the heavy tail and there was nothing to pin it to, I shoved a wad of putty into the demolisher cannon barrel. Then I wet the servo arm bit and shoved that in there in the position I wanted. But instead of leaving it to dry (and somehow trying to prop up the heavy tail so it did not move during the long drying process) I pulled the tail out, leaving an impression in the putty. After the putty dried, I used glue to attach the tail to the putty negative. It worked great.

For the arms I used the obliterator I massacred for the torso and added claws from Ghaza Kull. My nightmarish Warsmith is now in pretty good shape. I still need to work out the "feet" and do the fine putty work but otherwise he is ready to shred some loyalists...Iron Within, Iron Without!

That's about it for now. Still on my to do list are the dread, 2 rhinos, a basilisk, either 7 havocs with 4 heavy bolters or a predator, and either a chaos Lieutenant or another squad of 5. Oh yeah, and painting it all. Now I am stressed again.

Iron Within, Iron Without!


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