Iron Warriors

Final Update: Baltimore Grand Tournament 2003

Well all that work, and it's finally over. The Iron Warriors did about as well as I expected...awesome! The combination of 8 obliterators and 2 indirect-fire ordnance tanks was totally devestating. Combine that with the counter-assault punch of my Warsmith, two units in rhinos with champions and a dreadnought and you have a force that left many opponents shaking their heads as their army disintigrated.

I have an article in the works detailing my entire GT experience (keep an eye out for it), but suffice it to say I went a whopping 5-0-1. I wish I could say it was my tactical genius, but in reality it I think most of the credit should go to my cheesy army, and the incredibly-overpowered Obliterator!

The Crusade was a smashing success with many people drooling over our impressive display. I was very pleased with the way my army turned out, especially my Warsmith and Obliterators which received much praise.It was great seeing old friends and making new ones.

Unfortunately, the weekend ended on a sour note for me when I saw the final result sheet posted. Someone had entered my battle points incorrectly, robbing me not only of 4th place overall (instead of the 11th I was listed) but also denying me the Best Tactician Award, which technically I would have won. So much for glory, eh?

The Iron Warriors dig in!

The fearsome, monstrous Warsmith Androctonus, inventor of the technovirus which spawned Obliterators and Defilers. Can you say "theme"?


A tortured soul interred for eternity in a chaos dreadnought

My Defiler with mutated hull in all its crabby glory.

Three of eight green stuff-heavy nasties. Obliterators are truly the best troop type in 40K.


Iron Within, Iron Without!


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