Night Lords

Why did you choose this chapter?
The Fast and The Furious
As a Blood Angel player, my obsession with speed and Vampires led me to the Night Lords, the infamous butcher angels of death. With their night vision and focus on infiltration, I could not resist the call of Chaos. Four Fast Attack slots made for a very mobile hit-and-run army. As Marines they are durable at close range and can easily overpower my opponents.

What's your plan?
My focus was simple: Savage Speed. Hand-to-hand is very key to my army using fast troops like Raptors, bikes and daemons, Oh my. As far as strategy, I have designed my army to leave no survivors. Designing my army was fun. A lot of my conversions are very subtle, with the exception of my mutated Predator which feeds on the corpses of the fallen.

How far have you gotten thus far?
I've painted all of my army and I am ready to roll!

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