Word Bearers

Why did you choose this chapter?
Originally I was assigned to do the Alpha Legion and Ken got the Word Bearers. I drew up lots of sketches and designs for all sorts of various units to convert, I'm one of those crazy people that builds an army around looks first and then tries to conform everything to the published army codex. Unfortunately, there was no 'official' Alpha Legion army list at the time and a lot of my drawings were centered around hordes and hordes of cultists which then Games Workshop officially axed from the game shortly afterwards. So I was at a loss of what to do.

Then came the pre-codex White Dwarf Word Bearers army list and I immediately took to it. Who wouldn't want to have NINE troop slots available to use??? Suddenly visions of hordes and hordes of daemons popped into my head. So I asked Ken if I could trade army responsibilities with him.

So what happens? The offical reprint/revamp of the Chaos Codex got published and guess what. Ken got the cultists with the Alpha Legion! Arggghhhh... Luckily by then I was solidly converted to the Word Bearers' dogma.

What's your plan?
A second and not too widely known caveat of the Warmonger Black Crusade for the Baltimore GT, is that every member of the group tries to utterly destroy each and every one of our opponents' armies in our individual games. So my usual way of creating an army (looks first, playability second) was not going to cut it. Thus I had to build my army list first and then center my minis' designs around that.

I also wanted to to create an army that adhered to the Word Bearers' fluff background. So I had to have all nine troop choices filled out which is not an easy task when you take a look at the point costs for Chaos Marines and all of the options available to them.

So the army I'm going to field in March will be the most fluffiest, horde-oriented, themed army I can work out the numbers for. I expect a 50-50 mix of marines to daemons, magic numbers for daemons (no benefit to me, but it's theme), and last but definitely not least, it'll be as super-converted as any Chaos army should be.

How far have you gotten thus far?
I have converted a good part of my army now, which is surprising as each mini has a fair amount of individual conversion work done to it. I wanted my Word Bearers to look like they are indeed the same evil villians that participated in the Horus Heresy some 10,000 years ago in the 40k storyline, so everything about my guys had to look and feel ancient, barogue and less technologically advanced.

So I converted each and every bolter, pistol, melta and plasma gun to have extended muzzles and/or barrels, giving them a much heavier and more battle-rifle feel to them unlike the compact and utilitarian loyalist marine weaponry. Flails became the choice of close-combat armament instead of powered chainswords, and heavy weapons are indeed very heavy (Godhammers!).

Each mini is adorned with a pletora of 'blasphemy' seals, fiery braziers replace the exhaust nozzles of each trooper's powercell/backpack, each unit has an icon bearer (though not all of them will actually serve in that capacity) with a big banner or icon devoted to Chaos Undivided, lines of religious rantings scrawled onto various places on each power armor suit, and so on.

Most of the assembling and converting is done. But that's the easy part, it's the painting of everything that's going to take me down to the wire. With close to 80 models to paint, it'll be close.

Of course, silly me, I also volunteered to scratchbuild three game-sized Thunderhawk replicas (based on the totally awesome Forgeworld resin kit) for the the main display too. What was I thinking?...

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