Word Bearers

Word Bearers Update: January 31, 2003
Okay, only one month left before the GT and I'm so far behind with everything that I'm very nervous about finishing in time, especially since I want to get a few games under my belt with my new army with the new assault rules.

I'm really happy with my final army list though. I am going to field a very fluffy and themed army with all nine troop slots filled out and all four types of daemons with their corresponding 'favored' magic numbers (though I don't gain any rules benefits), more daemons in my fast attack slots, lots of Marines and Rhinos and finally a double-digit point cost Dark Apostle HQ choice.

I hope to have some pictures up soon of my army, as it sports tons of individualized conversions and details. I only have to finish off my Predator tank and my custom daemons. Using various bits from the Chaos Mutations sprue and some putty work, I remade the minis for the Fantasy Undead Ghouls and Dark Elf Harpies into my Plaguebearers and Furies as I didn't take to the current GW incarnations of these daemons.

My painting is what I'm so far behind in. I've settled on a simple painting scheme for almost everything, but I've got to deal with my main problem of me being a slow painter. Of the 84 total models in my army, I've only finished a dozen. In an effort to finish on time, I've set aside a few hours everyday from now until the week before the GT to try and complete at least 3 or 4 models every night.

The most challenging aspect of my painting tasks is to come up with a quick and easy way to represent fire. I've converted all of my 41 Marine backpacks to have twin upward-facing open flame braziers instead of the regular downward-facing exhaust nozzles. All of the GW articles and Heavy Metal examples of painted fire I looked at were either unrealistic or too time-consuming to achieve. In the end after several failed attempts to copy others' efforts, I combined a few tips and ideas and pared the process down to a 40/40/20 Blood Red/Fiery Orange/water wash over a Skull White undercoat, a few small random dots of Skull White on top of a few bigger dots of Elf Flesh to mimic sparks and white flame. I like the results and hope that others will have no problems with recognizing the paint jobs as fire.

Lastly, I came up with the theme of my army: the Veterans of Calth. Led by the spectral divinations and interpreted doomsday oracles, the mysterious Dark Apostle 'The Burning Man', emerges from the Maelstorm warp space anomaly to do battle with the minions of the False-God Emperor. Commanding a contingent of veteran Word Bearers, many of which fought and survived the Ultramar/Calth system razing under the heretic Kor Phaeron during the Horus Heresy, the 'Burning Man' will attempt to finish what was started ten thousand years ago.

Okay, enough prattling, Gary, back to painting...

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