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Final Update: Baltimore Grand Tournament 2003

Well, here are my Word Bearers in all their GT glory and goodness. I finished painting everything four hours before the doors opened on Saturday morning for the first game. But despite my lack of sleep, I had a great first day at the Grand Tournament.

So after a healthy helping of coffee that morning, I met all of the other Crusaders and Warmongers in the main convention hall and began to set up my display base. Right from the start, there was a lot of excitement and curiousity as to what the nine guys in black t-shirts were doing at the 18-foot table set up near the sales area. We drew quite a crowd and when we were done setting up the entire display with all nine Traitor Legions, there was an even bigger crowd gathered.

Of all the great praise and comments we got about our project, I think the most impressed people of all were ourselves. After a year of planning, modelling, painting and construction, the massive project was finally done and boy did it look great! All of our hard work paid off a hundredfold and all that remained now was to see how our armies would fare in the games.

My first two games were against two strong Iron Warrior armies and despite the fights my Word Bearers put up, my army just isn't tooled up to deal with that much firepower and heavy armor. I had my moments though like my first turn kill of a Defiler and the subsequent turn 3 Basilisk kill in one game but I couldn't kill enough of their guys before their Shooting phases.

In my next game, my Word Bearers faced a humongous Tyranid army (110+ bodies in Troops alone), which is the other weakness my army has: the lack of firepower to deal with a horde army. Regardless of that though, we had a great game and I did manage to whittle the bugs to just over half their number. It was in this game that one of my army's main strengths came to light though: namely the various powers of my Daemons, particularly the Nurgle Rot carried by my Plaguebearers and the 5+ Invulnerable Saves my 36 daemons have. Nurgle Rot, despite needing 6's to activate, is such a bonus against low Toughness and 5+ save creatures. That combined with my bolters and pistols always rapid-firing accounted for a ton of dead bugs while the durability of the Invulnerable Save slightly offset the multitude of rending claw attacks I faced.

After that game, my lack of sleep was catching up to me and I was running around in a semi-comatose state. Luckily, my fourth opponent whom I voted for Best Sportsman, was in the same state and we both agreed to have an easy and relaxing game. Ted Nagel, my opponent, was a part of another gaming club that undertook a club-wide project for the GT, modelling, painting and fielding an entire chapter of Loyalist Space Marines. Both our armies fought each other to a virtual deadlock and by the end of the game he was ahead by 140 Victory Points which translated to a tie between the two of us. This game was what I look foward to at a GT, a really good opponent, casual play, lots of good fighting and a solid handshake at the end of the game. I think Ted went on to score in the Top 3 for Sportmanship as well.

Saturday ended with all of the nine Black Crusaders reassembling the 18-foot display base for photo opportunities and general viewing. When the doors closed, most of the Warmongers had a late night dinner and beers at a local bar/restaurant to recount our individual day's events and records.

Sunday arrived and I was feeling a lot more rested and I was ready to game. So far I was 0-3-1, not the best of records but I play to have fun and not worry about wins and losses that much.

My fifth game was against a Dark Angels Successor chapter, the Swords of Justice. It was during this game, that my daemons came into their own and their strengths and powers were unstoppable and won me the game. My Daemonettes in one round of hand-to-hand combat managed to inflict the 'coveted' long-shot 'Glancing 6' roll through the front armor of a Predator Annihilator, my Horrors followed that up by Immobilizing/destroying a Ravenwing Land Speeder that 'jinked' all but one of the firestorm of Daemonic Fire shots thrown at it. My Plaguebearers went toe-to-toe with a Deathwing Terminator combat squad for four rounds of combat and finally defeated them entirely at a cost of 5 of their own, a trade-off I'd happily make any day of the week. My Furies and Bloodletters despite seeing no combat due to their late arrivals in Turn 5 did manage to capture seperate table quarters for me. In this game, everything clicked for me and I got my first and only win of my GT this year.

My last game was against the army that won second place for Player's Choice, the GI Joe Imperial Guard army. What a blast from my past! The army sported very well done individual conversions of characters from the comic book and TV cartoons, and I think I spent half of the game staring at the minis, reminicising about my childhood heroes, than playing. A few major blunders on my part also contributed to my loss but this again revisits my army's weakness of not being able to effectively deal with big hordes. Despite that I had loads of fun seeing who I managed to kill and which Joes did what to my guys. It was a very enjoyable game.

With that, my GT came to an end. My record was 1-4-1, exactly the same results I had at the GT last year. So now I can't wait until next year, this time however, I resolve not to be painting the night before.

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