World Eaters

Why did you choose this chapter?
Blood for the Blood God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This chant was one of the very first I was victim to as a newbie. Later on as a veteran I would hear the call of Chaos. Although the Worldeaters are an awesome HTH force I first embraced Slaneesh because no one else in our club played them and variable weapon strengths attracted me. For our Black Crusade, it seemed like no one would embrace these maniacal skull-collecting traitors. Whatever the reason was, as the Master Of Melee I knew I had to make them work.

What's your plan?
I wanted to make a flexible force that maximized the speed of the army without having to paint 40+ Marines. Although 40+ would make an efficient army it would not be fun to paint. I wanted to design an army, which used every possible unit available for Worldeaters while keeping in Khorne's favor by staying at the Magic number (8). 1 Thirster, 1 Lieutenant, 16 Marines in Rhinos, 8 Bloodletters, 8 Hounds, 8 Bikers, 1 Predator, 1 Dread, and 5 Termis. I was forced to compromise on the Terminators because they are very expensive and not very fast. My conversion abilities are not great, but this army will be the most heavily converted one in my Arsenal.

As far as good old strateegery many thoughts came to mind. My first concern was the lack of tank killing ability. I put much thought into this and decided on a Predator and Dreadnought. These two would be exclusively tank busters. The second thought was my lack of numbers vs. a mob army, this was no easy decision, and no answer really came. Nids would come down to my ability to take out the hive mind, Orks would come down to taking out their fast vehicles, and Guard comes down to smashing their heads in. So what about the ever loved ST6 Ap3 wielding pointy-heads. That's where I decided on a terminator slot. Although it is risky business, deep striking terminators into eldar ranks can sometimes be more effective than a Pred and Dread combined. The only way I will use them however is if deep strike is permitted. Many times have Terminators taken out enough points in their initial landing. My favorite tactic against Eldar is to deep strike them as close to the Reapers as possible. With 3 combi-flamers, a reaper cannon and combi bolters, the Termis will either land on target and smoke them or deviate and smoke someone else. Making the Eldar opponent move his Reapers or concentrate on killing my Termis gives the rest of my boys time to kill.

How far have you gotten thus far?
So far I have painted 12 Marines, 3 Hounds, 4 Bloodletters, 1 Biker.

Death to the false emperor...

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