World Eaters

Final Update: Baltimore Grand Tournament 2003

The Black Crusade represented big time at Baltimore and I personally was pleased. Our fellow gamers embrassed the displays with all types of comments. "Death to the False Emperor", "Purge the Heretics", "All 9 Chapters, That's Sick, Man" and many others. We achieved our goal of wowing the Baltimore crowd. Thanks to Gary's Awesome Thunderhawk and Matt's Frantic Thursday ranting...

My World Eater army worked just as planned. Although my army always took a beating, it managed a record of 4 Wins, 1 Lose and 1 Tie.

Game 1 put me face to face with my worst nightmare. Erik's Feral Ork horde standing at 187 models for 1850 was truely a pleasure to behold as much as a hopeless battle. He pummeled me to the ground and won the game, but when the dust cleared the body count was 43 Chaos models to 140 Ork Models. Any game where I can do that much damage and lose is definately one to remember.

Game 2 Vs Tau was looking very bad for my World Eaters until turn 4 when my Bloodletters deviated next to their Fire Base. Without that stroke of luck I would have lost.

Game 3 was very close against Emperor's Children but the victory was to he who claimed the most skulls. The Warp Amps had no targets and Take and Hold vs bloodthirsty World Eaters would surely be a challenge for any general. His Lord cut down many of my proud Warriors, but in the end my raging Dread killed more.

Game 4 put me against Andrew who for all our lousy math was a great Emperor's Children player and fought me to a Tie with bloodshed fit for hated enemies.

Game 5: Mr Foxton's Blood Angels were very cool and sported a Whirlwind, Land Raider Prometheus and some crazy krak missle Speeder. Luckily I managed to take away his charges and swing the battle towards chaos.

Game 6: Last but not least I believe Josh's Necron battle was my most bloodiest battle. We had some rules disagreements, but in the end we settled things pretty calmly. The battle came down to turn 6 when he had 5 dead Necrons, and need to bring back 3 in order to not phase out and take the victory. Apparently the Blood Thirster's strike was true and only 2 would stand.

I'd like to thank all my great opponents for playing me and giving me a great challenge and a lot of fun. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

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