page id: 181 2002 Mega Battle Championships, Battle Report I: This is the first battle report of the 2002 Warmonger Club Fantasy Mega Battle Championships, pitting Gary and Herb's Dwarf armies against Nidal and Ma

Battle of the Beards

The Battle of Beards
Fantasy Mega Battle Championships, Game 1

Turn 1:

The Dwarves won the roll for who went first so Herb and I took the first turn. I was facing Nidal on the right flank and noticed an over abundance of fast cavalry made up of bull centaurs and goblin wolf riders. I set out to seal them off from the center so I moved my two units of thunderers into shooting range and blocking position. The Ogres in the center of the line marched straight forward followed by the Long Beards. I moved three warrior units behind my thunderers in case any enemy cavalry broke through. Herb took control of our war machines and began guessing distances. It's much easier at the beginning of a battle to subtract distance from units from the rear table edge than to guess straight on. All of Herbs guess were short so most of our shots were ineffective. One of my crossbow units shot and killed two bull centaurs forcing a panic test, which they passed. However, the flame cannon hit the large black ork unit and killed five orks, forcing them to take a panic test, which they passed.

Herb: My guesses were a little off on some of the shots, only two inches or so. I figured that I would scatter anyway so with that in mind, I did scatter, managing to miss a 7500 point Chaos Dwarf army. I bet the next time I hit something. We got some hits with the flame cannons, but all in all a very poor showing in the artillery department. Even when I did hit with the cannon, I rolled ones to wound. A harbinger of things to come. We pushed the army forward, but still held onto the shooty mind set, a bad idea as it turned out. Never having faced the Chaos Dwarfs in this edition, I was still optimistic. Ha! Hope dies hard in me, as I still wasn't worried. Not much happened on the left flank where I was, just some jockeying for position.

Matt: All ahead full! (that was a quick turn).

Nidal: "Zee zem big ogrezh over zhere? Blazht 'em!" On our left flank, the hobbos and bull centaurs advanced, preparing a charge for next turn. the trick was to survive the shooting attacks of two units of thunderers, a unit of crossbowmen, and two war machines! An earthshaker shell shook the entire enemy fire-base and prevented all but one unit of thunderers from shooting. The death rockets whizzed overhead, and even the ones that were poorly aimed managed - by the will of Hashut - to spin and scatter INTO the Golgfag's ogres, causing enough damage to kill 4 of the beasts and force them to start running from the battle before it even began! A unit of bull centaurs in the center moved up to deal with Golgfag, while a the bull centaur lord, accompanied by a bull centaur hero, a hobgoblin hero, and 10 wolfriders moved up to take a few harassing bow shots at the enemy army - to no effect.

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