page id: 181 2002 Mega Battle Championships, Battle Report I: This is the first battle report of the 2002 Warmonger Club Fantasy Mega Battle Championships, pitting Gary and Herb's Dwarf armies against Nidal and Ma

Battle of the Beards

The Battle of Beards
Fantasy Mega Battle Championships, Game 1

Turn 2:

Nidal's fast cavalry moved out and set up to charge my thunderers on the right flank. His initial shooting from his war machines caused minimal casualties except for one unit of thunderers which were prevented from shooting the bull centaurs in front of then. Ahhhh. My other thunderers aimed carefully at the bull centaurs charging the other unit of thunderers and managed to wound 5 in the process. Nidal needed 6's to save them and promptly rolled four 6s and a three. Four saved bull centaurs!!!! To make matters worse, all of our war machines started to misfire. Four war machines in a row failed to fire. The bull centaurs and goblin cavalry charged into both units of thunderers. The goblins won the combat but the thunderers didn't budge. The bull centaurs won the combat against the other thunderers and forced them to flee but decided not to follow-up since three units of Dwarf warriors were all too happy to say hello.

Herb: Golgfag broke! A full 1/7th of our army broke on the first turn, effectively removing them from the game. I moved my units forward a little more and turned a warriors unit to face the hobgoblin wolf riders circling the flank. Artillery was ineffective to say the least. The gyrocopter went out and scorched some units. Actually broke a blunderbuss unit! The opposing artillery was dead on the turn before, with direct hits on at least three machines, all of which were wounded and all of which inflicted maximum wounds. My shooting killed a few opponents, nothing too memorable. Still trying to line up a decent charge at anything. Damnable hobgoblins!

Matt: Our incredible luck... er, skill... with Death Rocket fire continued in spectacular fashion, with 3 direct hits on war machines utterly destroying the Dwarven artillery on the central hill. Besides that, we kept going all ahead with the foot troops, while Vespero's Vendetta and a Bull Taurus started Gyrocopter hunting, with great success. The 2nd Bull Taurus flew behind the Dwarven battle line, setting up what we hoped to be an Ironbreaker sandwich with the Black Ork unit. We had moved a disposable hobbo unit out to block the 'Breakers, which, when he charged and pursued them, would leave his flank and rear wide open. The Marksmen on our central hill turned to face off a unit of Miners that popped out behind them, as well.

Nidal: What remained of the dwarven artillery was obviously taken care of by the hobgoblin spies we sent into the Dwarf camp (who mixed some warpstone in with their black-powder). A cascading series of minor explosions left the dwarven engineers stunned and gasping for air as we unleashed yet another volley at their lines. The bull centaurs and hobgoblins on the left flank charged into their targets, some of which were still stunned from the earthshaker cannon-fire and unable to bring their guns to bear against the big bulls. A unit of thunderers was reduced to 4 models, and ran, yet the bull centaurs chose wisely not to pursue, lest they be swamped by two huge units of Dwarf infantry that were lurking nearby. The unit of wolfriders took some casualties while charging the other unit of thunderers who were not shaken to the ground from the earlier explosion. The hobgoblins did nothing... while the bull centaur hero did little damage, leaving the unit largely intact. Combat would continue. The blunderbusses edged up slightly, supported by a group of warriors, with a unit of slaves in front, screening them from dwarven fire. The Bull Centaurs in the middle moved a bit further up... then thought better of charging into massed Dwarf infantry, and fell back since they knew Golgfag would no longer be a threat. The Bull centaur lord and his retinue moved further up, preparing a charge for the next turn.

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