page id: 181 2002 Mega Battle Championships, Battle Report I: This is the first battle report of the 2002 Warmonger Club Fantasy Mega Battle Championships, pitting Gary and Herb's Dwarf armies against Nidal and Ma

Battle of the Beards

The Battle of Beards
Fantasy Mega Battle Championships, Game 1


: Ahh!!!!!! The dice gods are cruel, cruel beings. Matt and Nidal as expected fought a good fight. They did what they had to do to win and they eventually won convincingly. Although the right held and we could enjoy a marginal victory there, our center was broken and our left flank was full enveloped. It seemed when Herb and I really needed an average roll at a key point in the battle we didn't get it and when Matt and Nidal needed a good roll at a key point in the battle they got it. For most of the game, it was a hard fought contest. I wonder what would have happened if the Ogres (900 points) didn't run off the table at the beginning of the battle and ruin our plans. By the end of the second turn, our main attack unit of ogres had run from the field and almost all of our war machines were either disabled or destroyed. Although we were greatly outnumbered and outgunned, the Dwarf heart cannot be underestimated. They went forward into nearly certain death and almost broke the enemy. It was a great fight and a lot of fun. It was a blast playing with Herb and fighting against Matt and Nidal. Next time Matt and Nidal...

Herb: Hmmmmm. Already plotting the next fight. I wonder how much the Chaos Dwarfs paid Golgfag to run like the base coward he was? The center would have been a bit different with them in there. Two big fear-causing units (the Iron Breakers also caused fear due to the BSB) might well have wrecked havoc on the Chaos Dwarfs. At least the Rune of Slowness worked. All in all I had a blast. We will be back for more with some new stuff and interesting changes. I would love for you all to come to Allentown next time. With some friends help here, I think over 10,000 points would be possible in Dwarfs alone, no Golgfag. I hear Nidal is drooling already. Gary thanks for everything! We will overcome some day! Just think bragging rights over Nidal and Matt. Worth all of the pain to get there.

Matt: Damn, that was a great game! Apart from luck playing a major factor, I still feel we'd have carried the day. We were able to dictate combat on almost every part of the board, getting in flank and rear charges with multiple units. Psychology played a huge factor, with the Dwarven Hatred of greenskins being a major disadvantage, one that Nidal and I mercilessly exploited with our 10-man disposable hobbo units. Without Dwarven artillery to worry over, having the 2 large flying monsters free to run the board became a huge - and unexpected - advantage. We fully never expected them to survive to make any impact. Beyond that, strength in numbers certainly played out- we had more units to throw around, letting us sacrifice when needed, and leaving enough units to still get to those vulnerable flanks.

Nidal: Bazzhrak!!! Bazzhrak!!! Bazzhrak!!! How else would it end? The Dwarves, defeated, yet not destroyed, have vowed revenge, while we happily feed our wolves the flesh of the fallen and try to figure out how to combine the range of their guns with the power of our blunderbusses. Wait.. I've just heard word that there might be a goblin rebellion brewing back in Zarr-Naggrund... hell, if we can beat the 400 Dwarves, surely we can handle a few thousand gobbos!

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