page id: 185 Battle Report I (Bridgehead): Can Ken's Imperial Guard hold out against Jim's ork speed freeks? The winner of this battle will determine if the sustained attack special rule will be used by the orks a

A Bridge Too Green

An overview of the table and initial deployment.


Rolling for tank traps and razorwire, Ken was able to place four 6" long sections of the former, and five 6" long sections of the latter. He immediately opted to place all four Tank Traps on the Guard side of the bridge, completely blocking Ork access to the far side of the river, and kept the Razorwire barriers a good eighteen to twenty inches away from the bridge, in a wide arc in his set-up zone.

Opting to forgo hidden deployment to save time (as it was obvious from the location of the razorwire and sand-bag fortifications where the Guard would be setting up, Ken then set up his two mandatory Troop choices -- consisting of The Eagle’s Bravo Platoon, and the Fox’ Charlie Platoon (5 Infantry squads and 2 command sections: the Armored Fist unit would be kept in reserve). He also set up his two Sentinels, and then scattered five counters around the off-ramp of the bridge that represented possible mines or boobytraps.

Jim had 6" on the far edge of the table to set his troops up, and simply crammed them into the center part of the set-up zone, directly facing the Bridge, with the Battlewagon (a slower-moving vehicle) slightly off to one side. Then it was time for the Preliminary Bombardment phase:

With the help of additional Ork Fighta-Bommerz, the Orks managed to destroy three of the four Tank Traps scattered over the bridge, as well as one of the Razorwire barriers (the one just in front of Squad Redemption). Squads Stalwart and Antiope both took casualties (3 from Stalwart, and 4 from Antiope!) and were pinned! And the game began….

Tank traps block the bridge quite handily before the preliminary bombardment.

Orks Turn 1: With only a single Tank Trap between them and the far side of the Bridge, the Trukks scream forward, the three lead trukks (Black, Blue, and Red) careening off each other as they race to be the first across the bridge. All three let loose with their Burnas almost simultaneously, and the white hot flames melts the last of the obstacles, leaving only a puddle of molten metal. The Trukk boys let out a wild WAAAGH of satisfaction. Behind them, the Nobs in their Trukk cheer on the Boyz, while the grizzled Skarboyz on board the slower-moving Battlewagon ignore the jubilant cries of the younger Orks, and carefully aim their Big Shootas at nearby Squad Stalwart, managing to kill a dazed survivor of the earlier bombardment. The gunners manning (Orking?) the Wagon’s Zzap Gun let fly at Sentinel Alpha, but the blast of destructive energy falls far short as the Orks badly misjudge the distance.

Guard Turn 1: The surviving Guardsmen take stock, and then let fly with a hail of long-range fire. Two units, Antiope and Stalwart, are still too disoriented to add to the insanely inaccurate blaze of firepower (even Orks could have done better!), but two units (The Eagle’s command squad, and Squad Akira) still manage to hit two of the trukks on the bridge. Unfortunately, the presence of the Mek and his Kustom Force Field within the Nob Trukk keeps the damage minimal, and the trukks are only shaken, and not more severely damaged.

The IG are dug in and ready for the inevitable assault.

Orks Turn 2: Disdaining the use of their trukk-mounted guns, the Trukk drivas slam their accelerators to the floor, swerving around the rubble on the Bridge in an amazing display of driving skill, and then making a hard right to attack the Guard Left Flank. Blue Skwad is the first across the bridge, and so is the first to discover the minefield protecting that side of the field — the trukk takes a direct hit that blows it tumbling to the side, almost into the river itself, and despite his enthusiasm and general resilience, one of the Boyz is crushed as the Trukk crashes. The Nobs, right behind, charge just as recklessly through the minefield, only to have their Trukk blown out from under them, as well, the survivors landing right in the middle of the mines! Red Skwad, only a split second behind, makes a more cautious approach, taking a wide turn around the wreckage and managing to avoid the minefields, with Black Skwad finishing its movement only a fraction behind. The Battlewagon, meanwhile, rumbles a full 13" across the bridge, its huge wheelz and treadz scattering the rubble of what had been Tank Traps before it. The Skarboyz on-board let loose again, and this time three members of Squad Akira fall dead, but the curses and shouts of The Eagle nearby keeps the unit from flight.

Guard Turn 2: Before the turn even begins , The Eagle rips out a small box and mashes his thumb down on its sole button. Booby-traps planted near Black Skwad’s trukk explode, sending the vehicle a dozen feet into the air, and the Boyz within scattering for cover. Then, some relief, as Colonel Ran Lo, an Armored Fist squad, and two heavy weapons teams move in from the right flank, ready to lend their support to Bravo Platoon. The Ogryn are nowhere to be seen, however, and even the frantic comms messages sent out by Sentinel Alpha cannot hail them.

With their reserves still setting up their weapons on the Right flank, it is up to the units that had already dug in to lay in some fire. But apart from The Fox’s crack-shot Missile Launcher team (who manages to shake the last of the Trukks), the earlier Bombardment seems to be still affecting the units on the Right Flank -- Stalwart, Antiope, and Redemption cannot hit a single one of the fast-moving Ork vehicles. Fortunately for the Guard, the beleaguered Left Flank performs far better, with Squad Varaig immobilizing the last Trukk (Red Skwad’s), and The Eagle’s command squad and Squad Akira managing to kill four Nobs and wound the Warboss!

The Orks roar over the bridge, and right into to a minefield.

Ork Turn 3: With a roar of fury, Warboss Buzzsaw charges recklessly across the minefield, losing another Nob from his retinue in the process, while to his right Blue Skwad leaves the cover of their wrecked Trukk to advance menacingly toward Squad Akira, and to his left Red Skwad leaps out from their immobilized Transport, ready to sic their burnas on Squad Varaig! Billowing bursts of flame, followed by a hail of shoota rounds, wipes Squad Varaig out to man, and reduces Squad Akira to two cowering survivors hiding behind the sandbag fortifications! Behind them, the massive Battlewagon finally crosses the bridge, turns, and lumbers towards the Imperial Guard’s right flank. The on-board Zzap Gun very neatly destroys the Armored Fist unit’s chimera, while the Skarboyz within shoot the survivors down to a third of their original number! Lastly, the dazed members of Black Skwad quickly regroup and take cover behind the Battlewagon.

Now close enough to assault, Red Skwad rushes The Eagle and his men, while the Nobs attempt to support them, but fall short, held up by the Razorwire in their way! The valiant Guardsmen manage to beat back the initial rush, but Red Skwad, gripped by the frenzy of close combat, refuse to break off, and the melee continues.

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