page id: 185 Battle Report I (Bridgehead): Can Ken's Imperial Guard hold out against Jim's ork speed freeks? The winner of this battle will determine if the sustained attack special rule will be used by the orks a

A Bridge Too Green

Guard Turn 3: The missing Ogryn take this opportunity to screech in from off the left flank, immediately moving to support their smaller compatriots! The Chimera makes a beautiful 120-degree skid turn, discharging its Ogryn passengers toward the Nobs, while its turret turns menacingly toward Blue Skwad, whose wild charge falters at the sight. Sentinel Beta runs around the flank of the melee involving The Eagle and Red Skwad, preparing to assault the Orks from the rear, and then the entire Right Flank explodes in a blaze of fury and fire. Unbelievably, the Lascannon heavy weapons team, the three Missile Launchers and single Plasmagun on the right flank, all fail kill destroy the Battlewagon; in fact, apart from Col Ran Los own Missile Launcher team (which manages to Stun the behemoth), not a single shot even hits! Deprived of Orky targets, the remaining weapons take their fury out on the immobilized Red Skwad trukk, blowing it apart in a hail of heavy bolter and multilaser fire.

Then there is an ominous belch of flame, and the Chimera incinerates all but three members of Blue Skwad, and a cheer goes up as the Guardsmen see that at least one squad of Orks has broken and run! The Ogryn, led by their Preacher, slam into the side of the Nobs unit, managing to wipe out almost all of the unit (reducing it to the Warboss and a single Nob) while taking only a single wound in the process, and nother cheer goes up as the Ork Warboss himself is seen fleeing from the field! The Ogryn cheerfully consolidate into nearby Red Skwad, who has meanwhile wiped out The Eagle and his men, but been held up rather nicely by Sentinel Beta.

The timely and perfecty positioned arrival of the ogryn.

Ork Turn 4: With the Battlewagon stunned, and its passengers unable to disembark or shoot, Black Skwad does not risk coming out from behind its protective bulk. As the survivors of Blue Skwad and the Warboss and his last Nob flee, the Ogryn and Sentinel Beta break and wipe out Red Skwad.

Guard Turn 4: The situation on the Left Flank having been nicely contained through the heroic efforts of the Ogryn, they and Sentinel Beta rush forward to deal with the survivors. Not wishing to risk the Warboss rallying and threatening the Right Flank, the Ogryn prepare to assault him yet again, and easily catch up to him (he failed to move quite far enough in his prior two Fall Back moves). Meanwhile, the Right Flank sits tight and opens fire again with all its heavy weapons, and again, does a miserable job. Although the Wagon is hit repeatedly this time, it only suffers two Immobilization results, and nothing else, easily correctable by the on-board Grot Riggers. Overlapping fire from the two Sentinels do manage to kill five members of Black Skwad (reducing the Boyz to four), and then the Ogryn charge in (taking another wound from the Minefield as they rush to surround their "prey"). The Warboss is still sufficiently in control of his panic to fight valiantly, downing one of the five Ogryn before he falls, but it is a horrifically one-sided match-up, and the Ogryn make short work of their opponents, Advancing into nearby Black Skwad.

The seemingly invulnerable battlewagon approaches.

Warboss Buzzaw flees, only to be chased down by the ogryn.

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