page id: 186 Battle Report II (Sabotage): Ken's Imperial Guard face off again with Jim's ork speed freeks in this bloody battle for control of a power plant. If the orks destroy the generator, it's lights out for

Out Wit' Da Lights

Ork Turn 2: Red Skwad's Trukk roars out from behind cover and disembarks the squad mere feet away from the Armored Fist! The other units, too far away to assault, simply move up, sticking close to cover -- Black Skwad seeks cover behind some oil barrels, Blue Skwad actually moves into the empty barracks, and the Nobs stubbornly advance forward through the cover of trees. Then the carnage begins -- Red Skwad's Burnaboy blasts the Armored Fist, killing all but one soldier and the Preacher, and also torching two members of the Fox's command squad behind. They then assault the survivors, and nearby Squad Varaig, killing six and taking 3 wounds in return (one taken on the Nob), and the scene turns into a swirling melee!

Skwad Red reaches the imperial line and the melee begins.

Guard Turn 2: The Ogryn arrive, but from the worst possible direction, the other side of the battlefield from the Orks! Their Chimera is already moving at top speed, however, and the Ogryn promise soon to be in the thick of things. But with Orks already so close, Colonel Ran-Lo shouts for the Fox to support him, as the two command units prepare to throw their numbers into the assault! The two Sentinels rush forward to aid their commander, while the other units stand firm and prepare to beat back the other three Ork units rushing forward into combat. Redemption, Stalwart, Akira, and Sentinel Beta, although managing to hit an awful lot of empty oil cans, still succeed in sending enough fire at Black Skwad to reduce them to two solitary Orks, who break and flee off the board! The other Guard units have even poorer a shooting phase -- the Heavy Bolter team manages to kill a SINGLE Ork from Blue Skwad, while the Lascannon team and the nearby Squad Antiope do even worse, failing to wound even a single Nob! Fortunately, the Fox and his men manage to blow up Red Skwad's ride rather handily, and the ensuing assault is very one-sided, with the two Sentinels and two command squads killing all but Red Skwad's Nob, who in return takes out the Preacher and one member of Varaig, but then breaks and runs. The victorious Guardsmen have little time to celebrate their victory, however, as two squads of Orks are still much too close for comfort!

The ogryn arrive, apparently taking the scenice route to the battle.

Skwad Red is wiped out handily. The sentinels sweeping advance.

Ork Turn 3: Blue Skwad emerges from the cover of the barracks, and the Nobs continue to trundle at high speed through the stand of trees they had taken cover in. The Battlewagon, able to move again, roars forward at top speed, and lets loose with its Big Shootas, but this time the Skarboyz' aim is off and they do no damage at all. Blue Skwad, however, unleashes with its Burna, catching both Sentinels and turning one of them into a rapidly expanding ball of flame (which kills two nearby Orks!). The other, however, miraculously survives, and is swarmed by Blue Skwad as a dubious reward. The Nobs hold their fire and assault, wiping out the Lascannon team handily, and consolidating into the nearby Heavy Bolter team.

Skwad Blue cuts through a building to pounce on the sentinels.

The warboss and his retinue crushing the 'umies.

Guard Turn 3: The Mega-armoured Nobs have entered assault, seriously threatening the power generator controls, and Colonel Ran-Lo orders a third of his remaining forces to engage the Orks in a delaying action, meanwhile moving his command unit back and keeping his flamers in reserve. The Ogryn scream forward in their Chimera and practically soar out as their driver makes a text-book perfect 180-degree skid turn and drops the back ramp.

Squad Varaig meanwhile rushes close to approaching Battlewagon and fires a single meltagun shot that manages to destroy it, despite the Kustom Force Field on-board! A third of the Skarboyz are crushed horribly as the Wagon lurches, then tumbles onto its side, and the survivors mill around in the uncertain cover of the same barrels Black Skwad hid behind. Then fire commences, but Akira, the Eagle, and Redemption have a horrific shooting phase, shooting many more barrels full of holes, and downing a mere three Boyz! Luckily for the Guard, the Armored Fists' Chimera has moved cautiously around the raging battle, and finally sees its chance to contribute to the carnage, firing its pintle-mounted Stormbolter at the Skarboyz and managing to take out two!

Then it is a full-scale assault, with Stalwart, Antiope, and the eager Ogryn charging into combat with the Nobs, and Varaig and the Fox assaulting Blue Skwad. In the latter, the results are similar to the previous conflict against Red Skwad, with the weight of the supporting Guardsmen proving enough to decimate the Orks, who break and run, but not before the Nob destroys the last Sentinel. The victorious Guardsmen sweeping advance into the melee with the Nobs.

The Nobs, meanwhile, have a field day. They take a single loss, but kill two Ogryn outright (with a powerclaw), and seven guardsmen. Antiope breaks and runs, allowing the Nobs to consolidate into the Eagle's nearby command squad, but the other squads, exhorted by the shouts of nearby Ran-Lo, grimly throw themselves at the Nobs a second time.

Guardsmen and Ogryn prepare to sell their lives dearly to defend the objective

The last of skwad blue are pulled down by sheer weight of numbers

The skarboyz take cover after rudely being evicted from their battlewagon

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