page id: 189 Battle Report VIII (Take and Hold): Gary's Space Wolves battle Jim's Black Templar in a marine-chapter feud taken to the extreme. By Jim K.

Day of Reckoning


Jim won the roll off and elected to be the attacker. The defender, Gary's Space Wolves, deployed first and may place troops and heavy support only. Gary placed two squads of 6 Grey Hunters in razorbacks behind the building and oil tanks near the objective. The rest of the Space Wolf force would start in reserve. The attacker, Jim, got the first turn by moving all his forces onto the table from the edge.

Space Wolf razorbacks await the Black Templar's advance


Turn 1: Black Templar

The Black Templars roared onto the field. A twin-linked lascannon-equipped razorback drove up the nearest hill, deploying its five-man squad with a plasma cannon and a plasma gun on top. The massive Land Raider Crusader, containing five Assault Terminators and a Chaplain, rumbled right up the middle of the field and fired it's smoke launchers. It was followed closely by Dreadnought Maxus (armed with an assault cannon and heavy flamer) and the Marshal's rhino with a 9-man "honor guard" black templar squad, armed for close combat. Dreadnought Talon, equipped for long-range support with a twin-linked lascannon and missile launcher, strode onto the field and took cover behind some massive oil pipes. The three five-man tactical squads on foot were deployed spread out along the battle line, hefting their heavy weapons and trying to get a clear line of sight to the objective. Two landspeeders darted forward and took cover behind small thickets of woods on either flank. Finally, the Emperor's Champion in a rhino, also with a 9-man "honor guard" black templar squad, took up a position on the right flank hidden behind some woods.

The Black Templar peppered the flimsy sheet metal structures hiding the Wolves' razorbacks, but only dreadnought Talon's Lascannon had a line of sight to the back of one of the vehicles. His aim was true and one of the wolves' transports ignited in a fiery ball. Three of six Grey Hunters died in the inferno.

Turn 1: Space Wolves

The Grey Hunters evicted from their razorback flattened themselves against the rear of the building, out of harm's way, while the second razorback rolled forward to bring it's lascannon to bear. A beam of white energy from the vehicle hit dreadnought Talon but failed to damage the ancient machine.

Turn 2: Black Templar

The Land Raider driver, thinking better of driving head on into a lascannon, steered the vehicle toward the left flank, taking partial cover behind some trees, while the razorback on the hill rolled forward slightly to get a clear shot at the enemy razorback. Dreadnought Maxus continued its steady advance up the middle and the remainder of the Black Templar forces held their ground or shuffled forward to access better lanes of fire. Combined fire from the foot troops who remained stationary, the razorback and dreadnought Talon managed to blow the lascannon and tracks off the remaining Wolf razorback. The immobile vehicle was left with only its twin-linked plasma gun.

Turn 2: Space Wolves

Almost the entire Space Wolf reserve force arrived simultaneously. Wolf scouts sprang out of hiding behind the Black Templar lines and moved in to destroy the Marshal's rhino. The Venerable Dreadnought, Olin "The Old" Oakenshield, in all its ancient glory, also appeared on the field, as well as three rhinos, two Grey-hunter and one blood-claws transports. Accompanying the Blood Claws was Wolf Lord, Solvar "The Slayer" Greyfell. Finally, a landspeeder armed with a multimelta skimmed behind some trees, ready to react to any armored threat the Templars threw at them. The rhinos took cover behind the immobilized razorback, the structures and the burning wreck of the destroyed razorback.

The wolf scouts opened fire with their meltagun and boltpistols at the rear of the Marshal's rhino but only succeed in blowing off the transport's storm bolter. The Venerable Olin fired with its twin-linked lascannon at Dreadnought Maxus advancing up the middle of the field and destroyed a leg actuator, immobilizing the armored sarcophagi.

The wolf scouts, determined to blow up the Marshal's rhino, assaulted it with meltabombs and blew the tank to bits. Four Black Templars were cut down as they tried to crawl from the wreckage by the waiting scouts (two of the three exits were blocked by the scouts, so only six of ten could fit within 2" of the remaining exit hatch).

Space Wolf Scouts arrive and prepare to mess with the Marshal's ride.

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