page id: 189 Battle Report VIII (Take and Hold): Gary's Space Wolves battle Jim's Black Templar in a marine-chapter feud taken to the extreme. By Jim K.

Day of Reckoning

Turn 3: Black Templar

The Marshal and five remaining marines freed themselves from the twisted wreckage of their rhino and rushed around the side of the burning hulk. With bolt pistols drawn they stopped within point-blank range of the offending Wolf Scouts. The landspeeder on the left flank skimmed back toward the Black Templar line to get a clear shot at the Wolf Scouts as well. The Crusader hugged the woods trying to flank the massing Space Wolf transports.

Dreadnought Talon fired its lascannon and missile launcher at the only target visible, the immobilized razorback, and blew off the plasma gun, leaving the vehicle weaponless as well as motionless. The Black Templar razorback and accompanying squad fired at a Bloodclaw rhino partially hidden behind the building with lascannon and plasmacannon respectively. The combined fire managed to immobilize the transport and fuse the storm bolters to the hull in a twisted puddle of plasma and metal.

Combined fire from several units, including the Marshal's squad and the landspeeder, killed all but two of the scouts, who were cut down in hand to hand by the Marshal and his men. The squad then swept forward toward the distant enemy, leaving their burning transport behind.

Turn 3: Space Wolves

The last of the Space Wolf reinforcements arrived. A Blood Claws unit and Rune Priest Thrain Darksky in a rhino moved onto the field and obscured its final position with a blast from its smoke launchers. Olin the Old stepped out from behind the woods and unleashed its lascannon, blowing the Templar's razorback right off the hill in a gout of flame and flying scrap metal.

The Space Wolf vehicles try to keep out of sight of the Templar guns

Turn 4: Black Templar

The massive Crusader rumbled forward again, still shielded from the bulk of Space Wolves by a small patch of forest. The recently arrived Rune Priest's rhino was targeted by the assault cannon on the Crusader which only disabled the storm bolter, but a lascannon shot from Dreadnought Talon succeeded in blowing the vehicle onto its side, despite the billowing smoke. As the seven Blood Claws and Thrain Darksky stumbled out of the smoke, more heavy-weapons fire from the templar lines thinned their ranks.

Turn 4: Space Wolves

Olin the Old continued its advance, stepping behind a rusted length of tank trap and firing its lascannon. Once again the ancient hero destroyed a Templar target. This time Dreadnought Talon was picked off, despite being behind cover. A rhino roared around the building and its squad of Grey Hunters disembarked right in front of the approaching Land Raider Crusader. A Grey Hunter from that squad fired his meltagun at point blank-range, but only succeeded in disabling one of the hurricane bolters. The stunned Blood Claws rhino, with Rune Priest Darksky, moved closer to the objective (thanks to the extra armor the transport was fitted with), while the three remaining Grey-Hunter survivors of the Razorback destroyed by the Templars' first salvo clamored inside the building through the rear windows.

Since this was a variable game length scenario, the die was cast and the game went on.

Turn 5: Black Templars

Now the race for the target air duct began in earnest. The Landraider rumbled forward and its passengers, five assault terminators and Chaplain Atkins, disembarked. Marshal Dermott and the remains of his honor guard ran toward the objective, the Marshal leaving the unit and firing his storm bolter. The rhino containing Emperor's Champion Crenshaw and his honor guard also approached the objective, firing its smoke launchers as it bounded over the rough terrain. The force's two fast attack vehicles, landspeeders with heavy bolters, followed the advance as well.

Fire thundered down from the Black Templar lines. Dreadnought Maxus, although immobilized, finally had a target within range of its assault cannon and wasted no time in blowing up the nearest rhino. Three Grey Hunters died in the explosion. Seven emerged and were immediately targeted by a plasma cannon, taking two more lives in the super-heated blast. The Rune Priest's squad also suffered casualties from the Templar hail of fire, reducing their number to just three plus Darksky.

On the other flank, the assault terminators led by Chaplain Atkins, charged the Grey Hunters before them. With lightning claws and crozius arcanum flashing they cut into the Wolves, felling every one with no casualties taken in return. The unit consolidated toward what was no doubt about to erupt into a mass melee near the air duct.

Black Templar Assault Terminators led by Chaplain Atkins get ready to rumble.

Turn 5: Space Wolves

Now the Wolves made their bid for the objective. Six Grey Hunters and nine blood claws with Wolf Lord Greyfell disembarked from their vehicles. The troops advanced between the oil tanks and building toward the target while Rune Priest Darksky and his three remaining charges approached from the opposite direction, also on foot. Five Grey Hunters, now clear of their demolished rhino, sprinted for the looming Land Raider, one brandishing a melta gun. Finally, the three Grey Hunters within the building came charging out, almost right on top of the target air duct and blasted away at the Marshal's squad. They failed to injure any, but the Rune Lord managed to down one with a well-placed plasma pistol shot. Finally, Olin the Old strode toward objective and fired its twin-linked lascannon at Champion Crenshaw's rhino, shaking the crew.

The three vengeful Grey Hunters, still furious at the death of their comrades in the burning razorback, charged the remains of the Marshal's squad, and wiped them out to a man, taking no casualties in return.

Once more the die was cast to see if the game would continue. It did.

The Space Wolves move toward the objective, en masse.

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