Peter DeFlorio's 4th Edition Tactica

Pete de Florio's tips for deploying and maneuvering your 40K army for maximum effect.

by Peter de Florio


In the bleak world of Warhammer 40,000 deployment can make or break a battle. With all the special deployment in 4th ed, understanding classic formations is even more important as it builds the conceptual spine for your approach to battle.

Understanding classic formations and common variations is the first step to becoming a competent general.

This article is introduces some of the classic formations and common variations. There's no need to memorize them - they won't look exactly like that on the field - just try to understand the key features and what makes these formations work.

This article was written in collaboration with the QUATZEMELAN web site, a brilliant site dedicated to Warhammer fantasy lizardmen and general tactics:

Balanced Line
The Balanced Line is an old workhorse that has been around for centuries. The reason why it has withstood the test of time is that it offers flexibility and is based on sound basic principles that haven't changed.
Strong Centers
Armies containing a steamroller or sledgehammer unit like to deploy said unit in a position whereby it is able to see most combat and exert maximum influence. And what better place than right in the centre of the army?
Reinforced Line
This formation is a more advanced formation that relies on using specialized units to compliment each others strengths by setting up counter assaults.
Oblique Line
Also known as Echelon or Checkerboard deployment, the Oblique Line features units deployed behind and to the side of one another, forming a diagonal line. This diagonal line forms the basis of a few variations versatile enough for attack and defense.
Weighted Flank
The Weighted Flank group of tactics is the anti-thesis of the standard formations of old, exchanging the traditional symmetry and central infantry lines for a localized concentration of force on one flank.
Hedgehog formations are primarily used by very shooty, immobile lists that cower in the corner and shoot you. The basis of their success is centered around there localized fire base superiority and denial of any mobility an opponent may possess.

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