Tactica Daemon Hunters

HQ Choices:
Starting from the top we have the Inquisitor Lord. At 45 points naked he's not too pricey for a human character, only 5 points more than a Commissar. Plus he comes with some goodies a player can really use. First off, the Inquisitor Lord's 'Iron Will' (choose whether to pass or fail morale checks) is the best damn morale rule in the game. Especially since under the trial assault rules there is no penalty for trying to run and fail. So you can decide to run during your opponent's turn, get away, and then auto-rally and charge back in on your turn. He can also take up to 12 henchmen to back him up (though he is still limited to 3 of each type) and buy some very nice wargear usually not available to human characters.

However he is still a T3, S3 independent character who can be auto-killed by any number of things from the ubiquitous star cannon to a marauding Ogryn. Worse yet, you do not have any say in which unit to attach him to. He MUST buy at least 3 henchmen. So until his little helpers are dead he can't join any units to add his nifty leadership rule.

Recommendations: The Lord has a lot of potential but most armies have access to better characters. If you're looking for a hand-to-hand character for your force, there are cheaper and better choices. But there are some ways to use him.

If you're using him to assault you will want to buy as many henchmen as you can. 3 acolytes with storm shields are mandatory (they can take any pesky power weapon/powerfist hits) as are 3 combat servitors with powerfists. A familiar to boost initiative is a worthwhile buy, and the little naked babies are SO cute. Then take cheap henchmen to make up numbers and absorb wounds. The Lord himself should get some good armor, terminator or artificer, and lightning claws. Thunder hammers (there's no reason to take a powerfist since they are the same cost in this list) look good but I worry that a T3 independent character may never live to use them. I usually use lightning claws and put thunder hammers on invisible characters. When all is said and done I end up spending over 300 points on my Inquisitor Lord, attendant freaks and his ride. They're a good looking unit but I just can�t convince myself they are as good as a terminator squad or 2 Leman Russes.

Another option would be to use him in short-range firepower unit. Give him an incinerator and 3 warriors with flamers and you may never need to assault.

A third option is the Inquisition Firebase covered with the elites...

Conclusion: A fun unit that can work but not the most efficient thing in the world.

Henchmen are one my favorite units in all of 40k. The modeling potential, the story potential, the sheer weirdness of some of them, you could spend weeks planning them out. Best of all they are fairly cheap and easy to use. I mostly talk about how to use them when I make recommendations for the Inquisition Lord and Inquisitor but I think we can spend a minute here to look at them in brief.

Familiars add to initiative making them a mandatory pick if your Inquisitor is going to assault (and does not have a Thunder Hammer). Letting you take multiple psy powers is not that great since you can still use only 1. They are also the cheapest. When I need to add wounds to the unit to protect my Warriors these guys are what I take.

The Hierophant adds leadership, a mandatory pick for an assaulty Inquisitor (but not needed for a lord). They also slow down daemons but that's just bonus, unless you know you're fighting chaos don't take more than one.

Acolytes the guys that go 'look out sir, ARRRG!'. They are essential to protect your Inquisitors from being auto-killed or hacked up with power weapons. I feel their 15 point wargear allowance should be devoted to protective gear so they can live longer to take more hits. Storm shields, refractor fields or artificer armor are all valid picks. I usually go with 3 storm shields and put artificer armor on the Inquisitor. That being said, you can try and make a shooting team with them. Plasma pistols or combi-flamers are good for short range, storm bolters and power armor for long range. There's little point gearing them up for assault, they should protect the Inquisitor and let the big guy and the warriors fight.

Warriors come in 2 flavors vet guardsmen or servitors but for rules purposes they are the same. They add +1 to the Inquisitor's WS (even though they are BS4, WS3, funny that...) and get some really effective weapons. For assaulty Inquisitors the powerfist servitor seems natural (but remember it's just S6 not S8!) though a case could be make for 3 meltas or 3 flamers. For stand and shoot Inquisitors heavy bolters and maybe a plasma cannon are the way to go. Plasma guns should go on your Storm Troops. There's no reason to give anyone a multimelta (too short a range, if there's a tank within 12" of you, you're in big trouble) or a grenade launcher (plasma guns are much better).

Sages give your Inquisitor +1 BS, vital for a psycannon guy, irrelevant for anyone else. Multiple sages give you re-rolls, useful for a plama cannon not for much else.

Mystics are walking auspexes letting you take pop shots at deep strikers or summoned daemons. Multiple ones let other squads shoot too. And they are as cheap as familiars! Definitely a good pick for stand and shoot Inquisitors and not half bad for assaulty ones either.

The Grey Knight Hero is the other HQ choice and an essential pick if you want GK Dreads and Land Raiders. He comes in 2 flavors: the expensive and rock hard Grand Master for 154 points or the cheap(er) Brother-Captain with 1 wound for 61. The Grand Master starts with a S6 force weapon and terminator armor, and can add a Terminator retinue and wargear. You can easily spend 200 points on the Hero alone and then another 200-500 on a retinue and a land raider crusader to ride in.

Recommendations: The GK Grand Master is a character that can go toe to toe with almost anything in the game. I would not bother with the Brother Captain, not when I can buy the same guy as an 'invisible' squad upgrade for terminators. Whichever you go with try and protect him and maximize his value. You're already spending 10% of your points on one model, a few more to keep him alive is worthwhile. Keep him with squads, either a retinue or a cheaper option. Invest in protective gear like a storm shield, bionics or even the Icon of the Just (usually overkill since they already have a 5+ invulnerable save but you never know). Consider master-crafting the Nemesis to get an extra hit in. If you plan to deep strike, don't hesitate to give him an incinerator, psycannon or maybe a combi-bolter. The extra firepower when you arrive makes up for the fact you cannot attack that turn. I also would add in sacred incense so he'll go before any chaos lords, but I don't see myself adding much more.

Be careful with psychic powers, the GM's force weapon attack counts as his one psychic power per turn. If you plan on using it do not use another power, in fact you may not want to buy a power at all. Just attach him to a GK or Inquisitor unit with the power you want.

Another factoid worth mentioning, Terminators can ride in Chimeras. If you take the GK hero alone you can attach him to a unit in a Chimera and get him into battle without an expensive Land Raider sucking up points. Give him a teleport homer and he can call in reinforcements.

Conclusion: Scary but expensive. I would leave him home for small games but definitely use him in larger games where committing 200 points to one model will not hamper you too much.

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