The Eldar: Aspects of War

Power of the Mind

As a wise man once said, ďThe eldar are truly a thinking manís army.Ē They have such a wide variety of both specialized (Scorpions and Fire Dragons) and tactically flexible (Guardians and Dire Avengers) troops that there is a seemingly infinate amount of effective army combinations. For example, an army could be focused on speed, using mainly Warp Spiders, jetbikes, and Falcons, or it could concentrate on fire power, and incorperate legions of Dark Reapers, weapon batteries, and War Walkers. Aside from these, there are hand to hand armies, and resiliant armies. As you can see, the possibilities are limitless. By far the most versatile unit, however, is the Farseer with his Warlocks. There are many, many different things that can be done with this unit. Here are a few of them:

Defensive - In my years of playing Eldar, the use for the Farseer that Iíve seen most often is as fire support. In this situation, the Farseer deploys near the edge of the board, and every turn uses guide on either a Dark Reaper unit, or a War Walker unit. In both cases, the result is that the unit being guided destroys a good sized unit every turn. In this case, the Warlocks that come with the Farseer can be distributed either in Guardian squads, with Wraithguards, or with the Farseer himself. Another advantage of this style is that the Farseer and his Warlocks are relatively inexpensive, seeing as Spirit Stones, Witchblades and Singing Spears are not neccessary. The cost of 5 Warlocks w/Conceal and pistols and combat weapons (for the Guardian squads) and a Farseer with Guide is 237 points. Thatís not a high price to pay to give your Guardians a cover save regardless of their location, and destroy a unit a turn. The disadvantages of this tactic are that the units that the Farseer is using Guide on make amazingly tempting targets. Six starcannons that reroll misses is not something a smart player is going to leave standing for long, and as any Eldar player knows, War Walkers crumble pretty quickly, especially since they canít be screened. While the Reapers donít have the same disadvantage, they also do less damage than the War Walkers for approxomately the same point cost.

Assassin - One of the Farseers most usefull powers is Mind War, and surprisingly, I rarely see people use it. A Farseer with this power and a Witchblade costs 71 points (the Witchblade is a wise investment in this case, seeing as the Farseer will have to get up close to use the Mind War power). This combination allows the Farseer to instantly kill any model he chooses. Admitedly, he only has a fifty percent chance of doing wounds to generals, monstrous creatures, or other such buffed up models, since they usually have a leadership of 10, but still the Farseer doesnít have to roll to hit or to wound, just to cast the spell (10 or lower on 2D6... HA!). Also, the spell ignores regular armor, and can easilly do up to 5 wounds, or, on models with lower leadership, closer to 10! To prove my point, here are a few good reasons to use this type of Farseer: Terminators, monstrous creatures, terminators, orcs, terminators, troops carrying heavy weapons in a squad, terminaters, and irritating HQ models. Whatís more, I believe this power can be used even while in hand to hand (if you know for sure, email me at, thanks)! The Warlocks in this situation are free to go where they wish, be it with Guardians, Wraith Guard, or the Farseer himself.

Speedy - This is my personal invention (though Iím sure the idea has crossed other peopleís minds). Am I the only one who has tried time and time again to find a use for those crappy eldar jetbikes? Sure, theyíre fast, but their guns suck, and they donít hit that often, plus theyíre pretty easy to kill and theyíre expensive. I believe Iíve found the only use for those pieces of equipment, and that is to give them to the Farseer unit. Imagine a Farseer and 5 Warlocks all moving 18 inches a turn, and still being able to cast spells. On top of this, their firepower actually becomes a factor, as opposed to before when they got a few pistol shots if they didnít fleet of foot, and their toughness goes up. This last advantage is probably one of the best, because it makes the Farseer toughness 5. Thatís pretty tough, especially considering that he has three wounds, and if you do it right will always reroll his failed armor saves (which, because of the jetbike, will usually be a 3+ instead of a 4+, WOW!). The unit becomes expensive, but itís twice as difficult to kill, it can shoot better, and moves three times as fast as they did before. This also frees up any transports you may have for other units that canít ride bikes.

Offensive - This is my favorite tactic by far, for a number of reasons. To be fair, I must give Warmonger Wilson credit for this tactic, as he gave me the original idea, which I then modified. In this style, the Farseer is accompanied by all five of his Warlocks, each with pistols, Witchblades, and Destructor, except for one with Enhance. The Farseer himself had a pistol, Witchblade, Fortune, Mind Ear, Eldritch Storm, and Spirit Stones. Since youíre going to be casting a lot of spells, it might be a good idea to also throw in some Runes of Witnessing for the Farseer. The ONLY serious downside of this tactic is the point cost. The total for the above mentioned squad is 381 points. Ouch. Before you discard this tactic, however, allow me to explain. This squad rerolls a 4+ invulnerable armor save (Fortune), has all the advantages of the assassin Farseer (Mind War), and, if neccessary, can use 4 heavy flamers (Destructor) and Eldritch Storm, or it can fleet of foot. When itís in hand to hand combat, it gets 12 attacks (18 if charging) at 5 or 6 initiative, with weapon skill of 5 or 6 (Enhance). Then, they wound on anything but a 1, or, against vehicles, each hit is strength 9 (to put that in perspective, thatís like being hit with a lascannon). If this isnít enough, as I said before, the Farseer gets to use Mind War if he wants (again, I think he can, email me if he canít). The squad is nearly indestructible, and can destroy almost anything, even marines with their power armor. Also, whenever the unit comes into contact with a dreadnaught, the dreadnaught dies almost instantly. The only thing Iíve seen stop this unit is terminaters. Because of their armor save, they can tie up the unit for the entire game if the Farseer isnít offered help. Another fun thing to do is put the squad in a Falcon. The Falcon moves 12 inches, the unit disembarks 2 inches out, fleet of foots up to 6, then assaults another 6. That totals 26 inches. Wow. However, be careful that the Falcon doesnít get hurt too bad by giving it Spirit Stones or a Holo-field. This helps prevent situations like the time my squad couldnít disembark for 5 consecutive turns because the Falcon they were in kept getting hit and stunned. While I personally recomend this tactic, it does have a redicously high point cost, making it a less worthwhile investment of points in games smaller than 2000 points. The first things to take out of the squad if you wish to reduce point cost are Destructor and Eldritch Storm.

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