Pint Sized Evil: Chaos Squats!!!


So, I've been on a bit of a role the past month, not only finishing up the first complete Squat squad, but modeling a decent portion of the rest of the army. At this rate, I have an outside chance of making next year's GT in March, so I'll shoot for it, and if I come up short, at least I'll get alot done.

The painting of the standard Squat is coming in at about an hour each, mostly due to the great detail the modelers put into the backpacks. I'd love to get it to a half hour, (my 'standard' time to paint models in my other armies) but I don't see it happening. The modeling time came in at 20 minutes each, including the bases (which I model before I undercoat) what with having to rig the arms to look right on such short frames.

Here's the first squad, complete:

I've also started to work on some of the 'odd' squads I'd need to do. The pink horrors turned out just as I'd imagined- perfect! I used bits from Gorkamorka and Necromunda for the legs, the chaos accessory sprue armour plate for the face, and some assorted ork dreadnaught bits for embellishment. The main body proved to be the tricky bit. The final construction consisted of 2 small tank wheels off the imperial tank kit and lots of plasticard. I debated painting them pink or blue- the rest of the force would be blue, so that made sense- Blue Horrors. The problem I forsaw was that my Possessed will share the same legs and body of the Horrors, and I wanted to avoid any confusion on my opponent's part. The Possessed would definitely NOT be pink, but the Horrors could. Plus having killer pink robots from another dimension sounded really bizarre, and that's what I was after anyway.

Here's how the first one turned out:

Then I moved on to the Raptors, a pretty easy conversion compared to the Horrors. I wanted these guys to look and feel really active, as it would form a nice contrast against the rigidity of the 1000 Sons Squats that made up most of the army. I modeled each with fluid combat poses- I particularly like the aspiring champion and meltagun models. Their jump packs are made from all those searchlights I was asking for a while back, and they look cool and have the right feel for the army. The final touch was the smoking effect- some strategically placed glue and a cotton ball and viola!

Here's most of the squad:

I put off doing the bikes out of fear, mainly (these will be a nightmare, but I'm confident I can make them... yeah right!). I did start the nurglings- here's the in-progress 'mad inventor' grot who will control them, complete with control joystick:

'What's next, Mad Matt?' you ask? The plan is to model the whole army except the Dread and Demon Prince, then see if I have time to make March 2002. I figure it should take 4 months if I move my ass (unlikely!) and paint every night. For next month I plan to finish the Raptors and Nurglings, and model the Horros and Possessed. (Yeah, right!)

10 squats - done
10 squats - modeled
10 squats - modeled
8 horrors - 1 modeled and painted
5 raptors - 1/2 painted, all modeled
8 nurglings - 1/2 modeled

haven't started these:
10 grots
5 possessed
5 bikes
demon prince
display base

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