Pint Sized Evil: Chaos Squats!!!


Ok, so after my last update, I went to an RT tourney with my Imperial Guard, and it just wasn't any fun. I decided then I would definitely NOT bring them to this year's GT. That means... the Squats are coming! Since then, I've spent the last 2-3 weeks going full steam ahead, and I'm now half finished with the whole mess of 'em.

First I finished up the Pink Horrors- here they are in all their pink glory:

Then came the Botlings (snotlings) For these I spent extra time building up the bases into realistic gravelly bumps and hills. Mostly using wall filler (water based- the other stuff smells like shit) and then added bits of debris from my bitz box. I readjusted the legs of the Bots themselves to make them appear to be trundling forward in a real spastic motion. Color wise, I split them between all pink and all blue color schemes- it was my way of bringing more pink to the army as a whole. Now that I had all these pink horrors, I wanted to make them look like they belonged with all the blue guys, and this seemed to help. Here's what they look like completed:

The only one left is the mad grot controller- I need to figure out a way to cover his back, where the shoulder joints are awkward. I'm thinking tool bag- must call mail order. Once the set of 8 is done, I'll post a full picture.

Then came the Possessed- after all the pink horrors, these were easy as pie. Mmmmm... pie... With the same basic construction, the only differences being the head, which I connected with styrene strips as the 'neck' part, and the smokestack in back, which will probably have the same cotton ball smoke as the Raptors. Here's are 2 Possessed, unpainted:

I'm going to try to have a smoky feel to the army as a whole, as if they are all coal powered. To that end, I think the Dreadnought and bikes will also 'smoke'. This effect is easy enough to do, or undo, that if it looks ass, I can just take it all off.

Next up was Grots- it was easy enough to replace their guns with scratch built or bitz box tools. I did all 10 in an hour- here they some:

Then, over Thanksgiving day weekend, I decided to have a go at the Dread- it was the most difficult model in the army, and if I couldn't finish it in time, the rest would have been a waste. So, over the course of 5 days, I spent an hour or 2 each day building the basic 'body' (I guess 'head' would be more appropriate). This monstrosity was so elaborate to construct, I think I'll pull it out of this article and give it it's own 'special edition' article. Suffice it to say, it's all I planned it to be- and I planned a lot! Here's a sneak peek:

I also went back and painted (mostly) the second unit of 1000 sons- I'll take pictures when they are complete.

Now that I am definitely making this year's GT, I had to plan out a few other important things that would need to be finished within the next 3 months.

Demon Prince- I put off thinking about this because I couldn't decide what to do for him, but now I know. Giant-bloated-fat-naked-chaos-dwarf with implanted helicopter blade jump pack. Did I mention he'd be fat and naked? This would require a lammassu head, some gorkamorka bitz, and lots of putty. Since I have never tried using putty for much, I expect to be swearing a lot as I build this. Small price to pay for a big fat naked dwarf with a helicopter stuck in his ass.

Display base- I fucked myself good with my fantasy Chaos Dwarf GT base last year- it was WAAAAY too small for all the models that had to fit, and you couldn't see anything because of that. A little up front thought this time would be nice. I'll keep it clean and relatively simple- you don't get any points for the base, you get points for the army. First, 2' x 2' with a gray base matching my army bases, with bits of deris and all. Then a short 4-6" backdrop of a city silouette, black against a blue (duh!) night time sky. Then 2 things to explain the army background. One is a Book of Grudges, with only 1 entry- "The Emperor, for abandoning us in our time of need, and praise be to Tzeentch for our salvation." Or something like that. Then a crucified human with a 'betrayal' plaque around his neck. Simple, clean, to the point.

Army list- will be a 4 page codex. I'll mimic the exact look of the official GW ones, with a nice, glossy cover and identical graphics. I do this kind of thing for a living, so it's no trouble. I'll make the writing funny and fluffy. The cover illustration will come from a few comics I own, with nice steampunk illustration.

Extra 500 point reserve / or messengers / baggage train- I wouldn't know what would be required until they announce it, so I'll just plan on finishing 1 month early to do this, the codex, and display tray.

10 squats - done
10 squats - done (almost)
8 horrors - done
5 raptors - done
8 nurglings - done, bar 1 figure
10 grots- modeled
10 squats - modeled
5 possessed- modeled
dreadnought- 1/2 modeled

Haven't started these:
5 bikes
demon prince
display base
army list / codex

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