Pint Sized Evil: Chaos Squats!!!


So, with 9 weeks left to GT-Day, I am lookin' pretty solid. The main part of the army is done, bar touchups, and I have only 5 or so models left to complete before I start in with display bases, army lists, etc. The 2 big accomplishments of the past month are finishing off the last of the Squats, which have been both very time consuming and, after the first batch, quite dull. The 2nd biggie was the completion of the Demon Prince. Here's the final fat boy in all his obese glory:

This thing took 3 times to get right- the first one was waaaay too fat, and made the head and arms look small. The second looked like a fat pregnant woman, with big hanging funbags and a big ole' ass. Oh, and he was naked. The third time was indeed the charm. Here's a rundown of components:

  • Head- lamassu head
  • Arms and legs- Golgfag Ogre
  • Space marine shoulder pads from Inquisitor
  • Dethkopter from Gorkamorka
  • Bits from ork dreadnaught
  • Super sculpty torso

In all, this took over 20 hours to model, then 8 hours of painting, and he's still not done. It took all my free time over Christmas, much to the chagrin of my live-in girlfriend. The pink shading hopefully ties him in with the overall colour theme of the army- I've decided that he must go front and center with the pink horrors as the army centerpiece. In terms of everything I've ever modeled, this may be my favorite, even more so than my Chaos Dwarf Death Rocket conversion.

Before the Demon, I painted up the Possessed. They are a bit on the dark side, color wise, but after 3 color schemes, this seemed best. Here they are:

Oh, and the cultists are almost done- here they are at the halfway point. Note the new welding mask on the flamer guy:

So now with the army pretty together as a whole, I'm reconsidering the Dreadnaught. It looks like a great big Chaos Dwarf head, which is pretty funny. And I have no doubt that it will look great when finished. Why reconsider? The army looks like a dwarf/marine army, NOT a chaos dwarf army- no big hats anywhere, and the noses are different. And it is so much bigger than everything else in the army, looking a bit out of scale. Plus I think I want to push the robot theme a bit more- the botlings, possessed and pink horrors are all bots, so having a big giant robot Dreadnaught will reinforce that idea. Some at the local club love, some hate it, I'm undecided. So here's your chance to decide for me.

The alternate version would be a combo ork dread/chaos dread with a 'possessed' head where the chaos marine head is. The thing would have the Anvil of Doom base to stand on, with grots all over the place.

Go to our message board and vote in the 'Warhammer and 40K gaming in NYC' section, the poll is named '1000 squat dread- Not?'.

10 squats - done
10 squats - done
10 squats - done
8 horrors - done
5 raptors - done
8 nurglings - done
5 possessed- done
demon prince - done
10 grots- 1/2 painted
dreadnought- 1/2 modeled? You decide!

Haven't started these:
4 bikes
display base
army list / codex

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