Pint Sized Evil: Chaos Squats!!!

Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.



So, hey, I finished the first bike- check it out:

This was the last hurdle, modelling wise, that I had to overcome. I switched my original plans of scratch-built from plasticard, to trying to use as many GW bits as possible. Using most of the IG tank accessory sprue, I concocted this little bugger in just under 4 hours. The last 3 should take considerably less time, as I had to improvise as I went. From front to back, it uses 1 bulldozer blade, cut carefully in 2 sections, searchlight, 2 bolters from CSM sprue, 1 dwarf, small skull from CSM head, Ork dreadnaught bits for all the gears and sprockets, 2 IG Hunter Killer missile tubes, Killer Can exhaust, 6 IG tank wheels, IG bulldozer blade connection bit, 2 CSM tank accessory sprue fences, IG tank top hatch, and 1 grot! Whew!

Before all this, the votes from the Dreadnaught poll also came in, and the final vote was... NOT! So I went about assembling my new dread. Here it is, almost done:

The major part not here are the 2 grots popping through the top hatch, fighting over the controls. The Squat inside, pictured here,

is looking up at them in disgust. This was relatively easy to construct, using parts from Ork, SM, and CSM dreadnaughts, and the Avil of Doom base. What goes on the banner? No idea, so I'll wait till I have a good one.

The other project I've taken up is the Codex, which is now completely written. I made up cool names, backgrounds, etc, for all the units, right in line with a regular codex. It will be 8 pages, 4 of which are in colour; I hope to have 8 copies made, so all my opponents can have one as well as the judges. I'll also post it online so y'all can have a read. Some sample unit names include 'Possessed Chaos Space Machines', 'Nurg's Botlings', and 'Chaos Space Marine Squat-a-Raptors'. The codex will be titled simply 'Thousand Squats'.

Oh yeah, and I managed to remember to actually register for the event as well.

10 squats - done
10 squats - done
10 squats - done
8 horrors - done
5 raptors - done
8 nurglings - done
5 possessed- done
demon prince - done
10 grots- done
dreadnought- 1/2 done
4 bikes - 1/2 done
army list/ codex - 1/2 done
messengers - modelled

Haven't started these:
4 bikes
display base

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