The Cult of Change

'Mad' Matt Birdoff's monthly chronicle of how he will build a fully converted Warhammer Fantasy army for the 2004 tournament season.

Part 3: It is Close

I've gone on painting binges and droughts since last article � either painting for a week straight, or taking whole weeks off. Running a Warmonger tourney gave me a whole uninterrupted day to just paint marble bases, which wasn't bad. Overall, I should just make it for Baltimore. The big project since last article was the Daemon Prince � here he is:

I pulled a new trick from my magic hat on this one, being the painted tapestry robes he's wearing. Once again, I'm inspired by Jen Haley's stuff, which I have a greater appreciation of now that I'm emulating it. The model itself is Azazel, Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, one of my all-time favorite GW models. The only conversion work is the wing swap, for which I borrowed wings off a Lord of Change model. While it looks great, the wings are waaaay too heavy for the body, and the model will fall over at the slightest breeze. In fact, it's already taken a tumble or two � gotta be careful with 'im!

The Chosen are finished as well:

They follow in the same paint scheme as the Cultists, with just a bit more flair. At one point I was painting the shields blue instead of white, but the models looked too dark overall. Color choice is always the most important factor in making an army look good, even more so than technique. 99% of the time, you see the army from far back, not right up close. Creating a dynamic color scheme�and sticking with it�can make a great looking army, even with a mediocre paint job.

And speaking of mediocre paint jobs, here are the beastmen!

These came out a bit rushed for my tastes, but good enough. There is no direction but forward! I'll try to hide the ones I'm not as happy with in the back of the unit. The purple to pink/flesh color scheme was a bit tough to pull off well. Each model needed 7-9 colors just for the skin, and I got kind of bored with it. Still, the conversions are really fun, so fuck it. Good enough!

Not much fun stuff left to paint now; just a unit of marauders, my exalted, spawn, 3 messengers, and� that's it? Damn. The next big chunk of energy goes to the display base, and a big chunk that will be.

Well, I've pretty much wrapped up playtesting at this point. Overall, I think my record is around 20-10. Good enough for me! I have had some trouble with fear-causing armies, hordes, and magic heavy armies, but can at least make a game of it. The gaming highlight of the month was the game against fellow Cultists Matt York and Gary Kwan, both of which have seen the light of Tzeetch and converted to my unjust cause, I'm happy to say!

The drop in points from 2150 to 2000 left me with a tough choice � I dropped the Disc and Eye of Tzeentch from my Exalted, easy enough. But deciding between 2 units of 5 hounds versus a second spawn is a bit of a toss up. The deciding factor is the miserable performance of my hound units. When shot or magic'ed, they die too easily and cause multiple panic checks. And in multiple combats, they die giving up 5 easy wounds. Comparing this to the spawn, who have performed fantastically for me, but mean putting 9 fewer models on the table...

In the end, I'm having fun converting the spawn, so 2 spawn, 0 hounds is the plan.

Next Month: The display base!

Done In Progress Not Started
Daemon Prince
20 Cultists
2 chariots
10 Beastmen
10 Beastmen
5 Screamers
5 Centigors
10 Chosen warriors
20 Cultists
2 Spawn
Chariot crews
Chariot bases
Screamers bases
display base
custom codex

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