The Cult of Change

'Mad' Matt Birdoff's monthly chronicle of how he will build a fully converted Warhammer Fantasy army for the 2004 tournament season.

Part 5: It is Almost Here!

There's nothing quite like the feeling of reaching the end of a huge painting project. Here I am, just a few weeks away from totally finishing everything I started working on 9 months ago, and I couldn't be more juiced. Or more exhausted. The army is essentially done. All that's left are details and touchups on pretty much everything, the torch banners, and the exalted champion. That leaves me the display base (oh nightmare!) and hopefully, if there's time, a custom Town Cryer army list.

The big accomplishment for the month had to be the spawn I hand sculpted:

I've done some simple sculpting before, but nothing as hard as this. The main cloak parts had to be done in Super Sculpty, as green stuff is just too messy and sticky to deal with on larger pieces. The body was done in 4 sections (legs, torso, arms) then glued together once baked. I made good use of my bitz box for the 'legs', 'arms', and 'heads', then painted them to match the Cultists. I really like the way they turned out, and hence they will get 'promoted' to the front of the display base.

The messengers are mostly done:

I always loves the cherub models, but have (thankfully) quit 40k. The great thing about doing a full-conversion army is that you can find a place for all those random models you like from other armies or games, and then figure out a use for them. In this case, the paint scheme makes them fit right in to the overall look and feel of what I've already done. The only real conversion work here are the Tzeentch glyphs added to the books where a big 'I' used to be. All that's left on these are touchups, the cloth and the scrollwork.

I knocked off all the random bases and chariot crew that needed doing:

Everything now looks nice and standard, and the chariot crew work well to boot! I think I'll be adding in reins on the screamers � likely jewelery chain. Depends how much time and energy I have left...

...After I finish the display base...

...and I think that may be the end of me! I've been knee deep in pink insulation foam for 2 weeks, and it's basically together, ready for a black base coat. It will definitely be a mad rush to finish in time. I strongly suspect that this is my last pre-GT update, but I promise to post pics of the finished project in all it's glory (or infamy) afterwards. See you in Baltimore!

Next Month: The Grand Tournament!!!!

Done In Progress Not Started
Daemon Prince
2 chariots
5 screamers
20 cultists
5 centigors
10 chosen warriors
10 beastmen
10 beastmen
20 cultists
2 spawn
display base Exalted on Disc
custom codex

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