Jim Keleher

Forum Name:
Angry Bald Man
"Don't touch my dice!"
Years in the Hobby:
Seance 2001
Claim To Fame:
My Clan Pestilens Death Guard and the fact that I have so many armies painted. Oh yeah, and I founde
My Armies:
40K: Clan Pestilens Death Guard, Black Templar, Speed Freeks, Dark Eldar, Necrons, Tyranids, Tau, World Eaters and Iron Warriors

Fantasy: Orcs and Gobbos, Lizardmen, Brettonia

Ancients: Romans (Well, sorta. I have the models anyway. And I did play that one game...)

Mordheim: Skaven and Witchunters

BFG: Orks and Chaos

Warmonger Nemesis:
Beverage Of Choice:
Pale, tasteless, American beer. Mmmm Bud Light.
Recent Plcings:
  • A few Rogue Traders, overall or best painted/ best army (Caps Comics, Dark Tower Games)
  • GT Philly 2002: Best Army and Player's Choice (Clan Pestilens Death Guard), placed 8th overall
  • GT Baltimore 2002: Player's Choice (Clan Pestilens Death Guard), placed 11th overall
  • GT Baltimore 2001: I won a joke award for my Battlewagon with "working" big shootas (Speed Freeks), placed 23rd overall
The Warmonger Club baby! I am also on New Wave.
Probably the two things that get my goat the most are cheaters and whiners. If you've got to cheat to win, how can you feel good about your victory? I don't get that at all. Equally annoying are those who complain about everything...cheesy armies, broken codexes, unrealistic or inconsistent rules, tournament and campaign guidelines...everything and anything. It's only a game, get over it!


Any thing you want here

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